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New & Notable from Amazon, Kiehl's, Pro-Ject and Tillamook

Also: Luxury goods purveyors are raising prices and pointing to inflation
New launches include Pro-Ject’s automatic turntable, Kiehl’s face mask and Tillamook’s Party Pants.
New launches include Pro-Ject’s automatic turntable, Kiehl’s face mask and Tillamook’s Party Pants.Tillamook ; Kiehl's ; Pro-Ject

Swiss watchmaker Hublot, whose luxury watches adorn the wrists of many A-listers, announced this week that it will raise the prices of its timepieces by 3 or 4 percent in April or May, largely because of inflation. The prices of raw materials including steel, titanium, gold and diamonds have all risen (diamonds by as much as 15 percent). Hublot isn’t alone in hiking prices within the luxury market, either — Chanel said at the end of last year that it planned on charging more for its handbags.

SKIP AHEAD Sales and deals

Meanwhile, as we start the second month of 2022, investors are still wrapping their heads around what was a volatile month for the markets, your Spotify playlists may have grown shorter again thanks to another artist pulling their music over Covid misinformation, and even as the Northeast is still digging itself out of last weekend’s blizzard, 31 million Americans are bracing themselves under another round of winter weather alerts from Colorado to Michigan.

If you’re looking for something less costly than a Hublot but more for your everyday exercise and health needs, consider reading up on fitness trackers. Or consider an upgrade to your KN95 masks and, while the snow lasts, ponder a new sled as informed by our expert-led guidance. And if you’re just done with winter and want to move on to the next holiday, we’ve begun our Valentine’s Day gift guidance, like where to find the best flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Notable from Amazon, Kiehl’s, Pro-Ject and Tillamook

We think you’ll want to know about these new products.

'Maus' makes a comeback

First published 42 years ago, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Art Spiegelman comic-turned-graphic novel “Maus,” about the author learning about his father’s experiences in a Nazi concentration camp, has become an unexpected Amazon bestseller. That comes after a Tennessee school board banned it shortly before International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Kiehl’s puts on a fresh face with a new squalane face mask

If you’ve read our guide to the best moisturizers for dry skin, you know that squalane is a popular ingredient for keeping skin hydrated. The likewise popular skin care brand Kiehl’s recently launched its Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Face Mask with 10.5% Squalane, which the company has said locks in moisture and is suitable for all skin types, including dry, tight, flaky and sensitive.

Pro-Ject finds a groove with the Automat A-1

Though it didn’t launch in time to be considered in our guide to buying the best record players, the German company Pro-Ject Audio Systems has introduced its first fully automatic record player, the Automat A-1. It comes with a preamp, damped aluminum platter, silicon damping feet and 8.3-inch, ultralight aluminum tonearm.

Tillamook cuts you in on cheese-carrying Party Pants

Don’t you hate it when someone asks you for 3 pounds of cheese only for you to check your pockets and come up empty? Cheesemonger Tillamook addresses that problem with its Party Pants, which you can buy starting today. These cheddar-yellow trousers come with insulated pockets with a cheese-carrying capacity of 3 pounds, according to the company. They were designed in partnership with the woman-owned, B Corp-certified Portland Garment Factory and are available while supplies last, Tillamook said.

Ongoing sales this week

We’ve rounded up these sales available now that we think you should know about.

  • Casper is offering up to 50 percent off select bedding and up to 40 percent off select mattresses and pillows for their Biannual Bedtime sale.
  • Brooklyn Bedding will take 50 percent off sheets and 20 percent off mattresses. Sale ends today.
  • Alo Moves is offering 50 percent off its annual membership through February.
  • Jack Wolfskin is offering up to 40 percent off markdowns during its End of Season sale through Feb. 27.
  • Cleancult will take 30 percent of products sitewide today with the code CULT30.
  • Home Depot is offering 25 percent off on storage and organizing solutions during its Winter Storage Event through Feb. 27.
  • Nordstrom is offering 25 percent off River Island items until Feb. 2.
  • W&P is cutting prices by 20 percent on all Porter products through Feb. 7
  • Milk Bar is offering free shipping on orders worth $75 and up through Feb. 14.

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