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New & Notable: Latest from SkinCeuticals, Stitch Fix and more

New releases include SkinCeuticals' scar treatment, Ostrichpillow’s eye mask, Brightland honey and more.
Image of the Levoit 2-in-1 diffuser and humidifier 3-step derma roller and a GIF of the Ostrichpillow ergonomic eye mask
New releases include a 2-in-1 Levoit diffuser and humidifier, an Ostrichpillow eye mask and a skincare system from Spotlight Oral Care.Spotlight Oral Care ; Levoit ; Courtesy Ostrichpillow

September saw numerous mattress sales during Labor Day, and two leading brands in the sleep space — Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep — just announced that they’ve been acquired by Cerberus Capital Management. The combined company is positioned as a new direct-to-consumer platform that aims to provide customers with a range of offerings, from mattresses and sheets to pillows and duvet covers. Additionally, in line with its new iPhones, iPads and Watch, Apple announced updates to Apple Fitness+. The platform will offer meditation and pilates starting on Sept. 27, as well as introduce Group Workouts with SharePlay — users will be able to workout with up to 32 people virtually. Later this year, Fitness+ will also be available in 15 new countries, including Russia, Brazil and Austria. Workouts are in English with subtitles in six languages.

Beyond recent shopping news, we’ve compiled new and notable launches from Shopping reader favorite brands and others we think you’ll want to know about.

1. Stitch Fix launches new shopping platform

Stitch Fix launched its own online shop, Stitch Fix Freestyle, allowing customers to purchase products directly on the site rather than having to subscribe to receive personalized boxes of items. After you take a style quiz and make an account, Stitch Fix Freestyle curates a product selection based on your preferences and adjusts what it shows you as you shop. You can shop products from brands like Club Monaco, Madewell, Girlfriend Collective, Free People, Universal Standard, The North Face, Bonobos and more. Inventory frequently refreshes throughout the day, too. In the coming months, Stitch Fix said it will be debuting additional launches exclusively through Freestyle.

2. SkinCeuticals releases scar control treatment

SkinCeuticals’ Advanced Scar Control treatment is designed to improve the appearance of new and recent scars. The treatment has an invisible, non-sticky texture and it’s formulated with 95 percent silicones and other soothing ingredients. It aims to improve a scar’s overall appearance, reduce visible redness, soften and smooth scar texture and reduce the intensity of scar discoloration. SkinCeuticals said the treatment is ideal to use as a complement to post-procedure scar care.

3. Levoit introduces a 2-in-1 diffuser and humidifier

Levoit introduced a 2-in-1 smart diffuser and humidifier that you can either control manually or using the VeSync app, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. It’s built with a 3-liter tank and offers a continuous mist for up to 25 hours. The device shuts off when it runs out of water, and its Smart Sensor adjusts its mist level automatically to maintain your target humidity. You can add essential oils to the tank and fill it from the top, as well as turn off the display light so it doesn't disturb you while you sleep. It covers up to 290 square feet.

4. Spotlight Oral Care debuts skincare system

Spotlight Oral Care debuted the Smile Rejuvenation System, marking its first foray into the skincare space. It features three products, which together aim to tighten and firm the jawline, nourish the lateral cheek lines and reduce the appearance of fine lines around the chin. The kit's Pro-Regeneration Serum hydrates and nourishes skin, while the single-use derma-roller tips help deliver active ingredients into the skin. The kit also includes moisturizing lip masks. Products feature active ingredients like Hyaluronate and Hexapeptide-8 to make skin appear plumper and more toned after use.

5. Brightland releases honey

Brightland released a set of two honeys, marking the first time the brand is introducing products outside oil and vinegar. The set features California Orange Blossom Honey and a Kauai Wildflower Honey, both of which are sourced from beekeeping families run by women-led teams. The pure raw, unfiltered honeys come in 9-ounce recyclable glass jars. Brightland said the amber-colored California Orange Blossom Honey has floral and citrus notes, while the Kauai Wildflower Honey has a deeper hue and a molasses-like finish.

6. Ostrichpillow launches an ergonomic eye mask (pre-order)

Ostrichpillow’s new eye mask is constructed from six layers of material to create a thick barrier between your eyes and the light, providing a blackout experience while you sleep. It’s machine-washable and features a cavity that allows you to open your eyes while wearing it, taking pressure off your eyelids. You can adjust the eye mask’s size with its adjustable head strap, which sits above your ears so you can use your headphones or earbuds while wearing it. The eye mask comes in two colors: Midnight Grey and Dark Night.

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