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The best Valentine’s Day flowers and plants to send in 2024

Choose from fresh or dried flowers, plants and more to find the best bouquets for your loved ones this year.
While roses are typically associated with Valentine’s Day, many flower delivery services offer a variety of unique blooms, plants and even preserved or dried options.
While roses are typically associated with Valentine’s Day, many flower delivery services offer a variety of unique blooms, plants and even preserved or dried options.Bouqs; Idlewild; Lego; NBC

Flowers are one of the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day: According to a 2023 survey from the National Retail Federation, 37% of people plan to buy them for loved ones during the holiday this year. And while you may associate a rose with Valentine’s Day, delivery services offer a variety of botanicals, including heart-shaped bamboo and bouquets of daisies. You can seek out a specific type of flower for a loved one or shop for a plant based on their lifestyle. For example, you can find specific pet-safe blooms on some sites or you can buy a potted succulent for those looking to expand their collection of indoor plants.

To help guide your flower shopping experience, we rounded up a handful of flower and plant options for Valentine’s Day across styles, sizes and price ranges.

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The best Valentine’s Day flowers and plants

In addition to bouquets available year-round, many flower delivery services offer new or limited-edition bouquets during Valentine’s Day, some of which we included below. You can purchase select flower bundles with or without vases, as well as add cards and items like chocolate, stuffed animals, candles and more for an added fee.

Best Valentine’s Day floral arrangements

The Bouqs Co. Seraphina

This bouquet from Bouqs comes in a confetti-patterned, mint green glass vase that’s accented with bursts of pink and white from a mix of lilies, snapdragons, anemones and more. Bouqs recommends ordering this bouquet two or three days in advance of gifting — because they’re fresh upon arrival, some of the stems may still be in bud form and may need a few days to fully bloom.

Teleflora Roses and Pearls Bouquet

If you’re looking for a classic bouquet with a modern twist, this arrangement may be right up your alley. It includes traditional red roses and spray roses, accented by pink lilies, carnations and mini carnations. It comes presented inside of a pink glass vase, and is available in standard, deluxe, and premium versions on Teleflora.

Fresh Sends The Valentine’s Day Send

Each one of these assorted bouquets from Fresh Sends is hand-designed, and comes in a newspaper-inspired wrapping tied up with a satin pink bow, according to the brand. The bouquets are available in regular and full sizes and include a choice of a custom chocolate bar by Tony’s Chocolonely in Milk Caramel Sea Salt or Dark Almond Sea Salt flavors.

H.Bloom 1-Dozen Red Rose Bundle

If you’re looking for a classic Valentine’s Day bouquet, H.Bloom offers a bundle of a dozen red roses. They come wrapped in kraft paper or cellophane, and you can add a personalized gift message for your loved one as well. The flowers are eligible for same-day delivery so long as you order by 11 a.m. in the recipient’s time zone, as well as next-day delivery (there is no cutoff time specified).

Idlewild Floral Sweetheart Bouquet

This lush dried flower bouquet makes a great decorative element and comes with an assortment of blooms in bright pink, blush pink and white tones. The flowers can last for years, and you can pair them  with a vase for an additional fee, according to the brand.

Venus et Fleur Petit Heart Eternity Roses 

Venus et Fleur’s Eternity Flowers are real roses that are treated to extend their lifespan —  if cared for properly, the roses can last for up to a year or longer, according to the brand. Although the heart is a Valentine’s classic, the brand also gives you the option to switch things up a bit with anarray of shapes, sizes and colors for your arrangement, including roses in shades like red, hot pink, and blue.

Teleflora’s Meant For You Bouquet

“Teleflora sent these to our office and everyone was stunned at how beautiful they were,” says NBC Select editor Lindsay Schneider. It’s a bouquet of red spray roses, red alstroemeria and red carnations in a glass vase with a swirl design. “They arrived in pristine condition — there was not a single dud or over-bloomed flower in the bunch. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Lego Flower Bouquet

Nurture your loved one’s inner child with this mixed flower “bouquet”, which is actually an adult building set by Lego. Perfect for those with plant allergies or sensitivities, it has 15 stems with assorted flower varieties like roses, daisies, snapdragons and more. The set is also customizable — you can pose and reshape the petals and leaves to your liking, and the stem lengths are fully adjustable, according to Lego.

The Bouqs Co. Black Magic Black Roses

If your loved one enjoys unique gifts, or if Valentine’s Day isn’t their thing, this offering from The Bouqs may be just what you’re looking for. The deluxe bouquet comes with 24 mixed-stem roses, dyed black for an unexpected twist. The dye is safe for the flowers, but the brand warns that it may leave residue on the surface or in water, and recommends changing the water every day to avoid staining your vase.

Ftd The Starstruck Bouquet

Carnations, lilies, roses and stock blooms come nestled inside a cinched glass vase when you order Ftd’s Starstruck Bouquet. You can choose from four sizes: standard, deluxe, premium or exquisite. The bouquet is also eligible for same-day delivery when you order by 2 p.m. on weekdays and 1 p.m. on weekends in the recipient’s time zone.

UrbanStems The Peony

This bouquet of fluffy, blush-toned peonies comes in three sizes: single (10 flowers), double (20 flowers) or triple (30 flowers). Although there’s no vase included with the flowers, UrbanStems allows you to add a glass or ceramic vase for an additional fee. You can also choose a delivery date depending on what windows are available based on your recipient’s zip code — with some areas even eligible for next-day delivery.

From You Flowers Sweet Devotion Bouquet

From You Flowers’ Sweet Devotion bouquet highlights lavender roses, lavender and pink stock flowers and green leaves. The blooms come in a clear, cylindrical vase and you can choose from three sizes: regular, deluxe and premium. The bouquet is eligible for same-day delivery if you order by 3 p.m. in the recipient’s zip code, as well as next-day delivery.

Farmgirl Flowers XOXOXO Wrapped Bouquet

This large, one-sided bouquet includes 35 stems of seasonal flowers, fresh from the farm, according to the brand. The flowers are arranged with a layer of foliage for a lush look, and also has a rustic touch — it arrives hand-wrapped in a burlap coffee bag and tied with a satin ribbon. The burlap is also 100% compostable.

Fresh Cut Paper Cherry Blossom Paper Bouquet

Made from 100% recyclable paper, these “flowers” are ideal for a Valentine with plant allergies or fragrance sensitivities. Each bouquet is crafted to pop out of a paper vase and comes with a decorative mailing envelope. There’s also a matching note card, for handwritten sentiments. The bouquets can be shipped either to yourself or directly to your loved one, with the option to add a personalized card for an additional fee.

Shida Preserved Flowers Wren Ikebana Kit

Ikebana is the Japanese art of harmonious flower, leaf and stem arrangement. This kit allows you to gift your loved one everything they’ll need to create a gorgeous arrangement of their own. The set includes a selection of dried and preserved plants, like amaranthus and birch stems, along with a glazed porcelain frog (a special kind of ikebana vase) and an instructional guide on ikebana, making this gift ideal for beginners and DIY-enthusiasts.

Best Valentine’s Day plants for your loved ones

1-800-Flowers Sweet Heart Bamboo

Bamboo is said to bring good fortune, and this Valentine’s Day you can gift a heart-shaped version of this lucky charm from 1-800-Flowers. The bamboo comes in a glass planter with decorative stones, and can be purchased in single, double, or triple plant options. You can choose to purchase the plant by itself, or you can  add an extra touch of flair with a classic heart-shaped box of chocolates for an additional fee. Sweet Succulent Heart Garden

The Heart Garden is an assortment of succulents that comes in a heart-shaped resin planter, and is a great option for any loved ones who like plants, but may lack a green thumb. It’s available in small and large sizes, and you can add a container of heart-shaped chocolates for an additional fee.

Eastern Leaf Azalea Pink Blossom Bonsai

Another unique alternative to the traditional bouquet is a bonsai tree, which is a Japanese term used to refer to plants grown in small containers, usually in a way that makes them more beautiful or appealing. This tree blooms into a lush pink azalea and comes in an 8-inch bonsai pot with the option of adding a guide, a watering can, fertilizer and more. Although the plant isn’t very difficult to take care of, I recommend this option for a Valentine who’s experienced in plant maintenance — it requires daily watering, lots of sunlight, and may need to be pruned from time to time, according to the brand.

The Bouqs Co. Desert Love Hoya Duo

The Hoya kerrii, often called the Hoya heart plant, is a succulent nicknamed for its thick, heart-shaped leaves. Its low-maintenance care routine (lots of sunlight and a watering every two to three  weeks, according to Bouqs) makes it an easy plant alternative to the traditional Valentine’s flowers, and this duo comes complete with a set of two pink ceramic planters.

Rooted Tradescantia Nanouk

The Tradescantia has green, purple, pink and white leaves that eventually grow long enough to fall, making it great for both regular and hanging planters, according to Rooted. It comes in a grow pot (that you can upgrade to a cylinder pot for an additional charge, and does best in bright, indirect light with once-a-week watering.

Lively Root Philodendron Pink Princess

Philodendron is an extremely adaptable plant known for its low-maintenance care. It flourishes in indirect sunlight and only needs to be watered every one to two  weeks. This rare variety has leaves in pink and green, and can grow up to 4-feet-tall, according to the brand. It comes in a grower planter, with the option to upgrade to an eco-pot, basket, ceramic or custom ceramic pot for an additional cost.

The Sill Pink Anthurium

If your goal is longevity for your Valentine’s gift, Anthurium is exactly what you need. Known as the world’s longest blooming houseplant, each bloom can last for up to eight weeks, according to The Sill. This vibrant species is often called the flamingo flower, for the bright pink color of its waxy leaves. This plant does best in bright, indirect light and needs to be watered every one to two weeks.

Lively Root Sweetheart Vine

The Philodendron Lemon Lime is another easy to grow option that does best in bright, indirect light, and only needs watering every one to two weeks, according to Lively Root. It has waxy, green and yellow leaves that fall as they grow, making this a great option for a hanging, decorative plant gift. This plant is available in small and medium sizes that you can pair with a custom growing pot for an additional fee.

Easyplant Aglaonema Wishes

Easyplant’s Aglaonema Wishes is the ultimate low-maintenance plant option for your Valentine and is a great choice for forgetful or busy loved ones. The Aglaonema Wishes is a tropical plant known for its warm pink and green foliage, and does best in bright, indirect light. It comes in Easyplant’s self-watering planter, which waters your plants according to their needs, and only requires filling once a month. The planter is available in seven shades, including mustard, calm rose and turquoise.

Owari Satsuma Mandarin Tree

This bright and cheerful tree is the plant gift that keeps on giving — aside from being a statement decor piece, it also grows small Owari Mandarins, also known as Satsuma oranges. The tree is cold-hardy, meaning that it can be grown anywhere above 20 degrees, whether indoors or outdoors. This plant needs plenty of light and weekly waterings to thrive, but the reward is a constant supply of fresh citrus and Vitamin C for your Valentine.

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