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New face masks in Vistaprint's collab: Keith Haring, Don C and more

Second collection of artist-designed face masks include work from Don C’s Just Don, Awake NY, Face Oka, Sophia Chang, Lisa Perry and Keith Haring.
Vistaprint face masks by Just Don, Sophia Chang, Keith Haring, Face Oka and Lisa Perry.
The new Vistaprint face masks collection includes designs by Just Don, Sophia Chang, Keith Haring, Face Oka and Lisa Perry.Vistaprint

Vistaprint’s face masks quickly became a popular staple in our coverage this year, finding a home in guides to the most stylish face masks, the best face masks for kids and even face shields. And the brand has been busy releasing colorful, interesting and unique designs into a space demanding options for personalization as more and more people normalize their face mask wearing. On top of the Vistaprint election collection and the brand’s DIY face mask design shop, it’s just released the second collection in its series of design collaborations with artists.

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The new collection includes inspiration from artists like Keith Haring, Lisa Perry and Sophia Chang, and joins the existing and debut collection of face masks. Each Vistaprint face mask in the new collection boasts listed features that align with CDC guidance on effective cloth covering (in our ultimate guide to buying the best face masks, we consulted medical experts on what to know before choosing your favorite option). Here’s what each of the new face masks equips:

  • They’re reusable and machine-washable
  • They are made with latex-free, adjustable ear straps
  • They’re multi-layered: You get two built-in layers designed to stretch and wick away moisture
  • They allow for the addition of a filter

Vistaprint’s brand new face mask collection

To give you an idea of what the new Vistaprint collection looks like, here’s a rough overview of each artist’s options. Notably, the images below will give you a window into just one of the face masks in each collection, and most include many more than that — if you want to see them all, be sure to click through and scroll. Every face mask in the new collection includes three possible sizes:

  • Adults’ large and small for $24
  • And kids for $16

1. Vistaprint x Awake NY face masks

The Awake NY collection includes two designs — the Malcolm and the Logo Repeat — with three colorway options for each.

2. Vistaprint x Face Oka face masks

The Face Oka collection includes five colorways in three designs: Face Pattern, Happy People and Love and Face.

3. Vistaprint x Just Don face masks

Don C’s Just Don collection includes three unique designs: Lightning, Crayon and Sound.

4. Vistaprint x Keith Haring face masks

The Keith Haring collection includes six designs, including black-and-white options as well as full color ones.

5. Vistaprint x Lisa Perry face masks

The Lisa Perry collection includes eight designs, some with words like “LOVE,” “VOTE” and “hello” printed on them and others with colorful designs.

6. Vistaprint x Sophia Chang face masks

The Sophia Chang collection includes six designs, three illustrating the phrase “WEAR A MASK” and three illustrating various phrases and images, each set allowing for different colorways.

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