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Best yoga outfits and accessories, according to a personal trainer

Why one personal trainer has been wearing the same yoga outfit for over five years. Shop her no-fail yoga pants, workout top, sports bra and more.
After 15 years of attending and teaching yoga classes, fitness expert Stephanie Mansour has found her favorite yoga outfits and accessories.
After 15 years of attending and teaching yoga classes, fitness expert Stephanie Mansour has found her favorite yoga outfits and accessories.Stephanie Mansour / NBC

As some gyms and boutique fitness classes remain closed, many people have turned to building at-home gyms. While having the right treadmill or exercise bike is certainly important, a successful workout isn’t only about the equipment. Fitness attire is another key factor that can make or break your workout. From finding a supportive sports bra to the right running sneakers, there’s no one-size fits all formula. When you find what works best for you, you just have to run with it.

My workout of choice is yoga. I've attended and taught thousands of classes over the past 15 years. And nothing used to distract me more than having to pull up my pants, loosen up my sports bra or tuck my shirt into my leggings to keep them from ballooning over my head. With time, I found the best yoga outfit for me, and learned what features to look for. Now I’ve been wearing the same outfit for over five years — and I have all of its components in multiple colors, of course., and

1. Zella’s High Waisted Live-In Leggings

When it comes to yoga leggings, they need to hug the skin without digging into the waist. When I’m moving from a downward-facing dog pose into a forward fold, I don’t want the waistband to pull down in the back, exposing my underwear. That’s why, when I found these leggings from Nordstrom, I was hooked.

I bought my first pair almost seven years ago and I still wear them to this day. The quality and comfort are unmatched, in my opinion. These full-length leggings have an elastic, no-slip waistband that helps keep them in place, even when doing inversions. They’re made with a moisture-wicking fabric and there is even a hidden pocket perfect for cards and keys. You can choose from four colors: Black, Blue Marlin, Grey Forged and Grey Sparrow. If you’re not a fan of the full-length style, these leggings also come in a crop version.

2. Athleta Speedlight Tank

In yoga, having a tank top that stays put on top of my bottoms is important so that I can go upside down in inversions, without my shirt flying up and flashing the class. It’s about finding a balance between a shirt that isn’t too clingy, so you can move freely, or too baggy that it’s weighing you down.

This tank top — constructed with breathable fabric and a chafe-free, seamless build — is ideal for all types of yoga. When I sweat in it, the moisture-wicking fabric makes it feel like, rather than absorbing it, my sweat simply evaporates.It also has a UPF 50+ rating to keep you better protected during any outdoor workouts. What’s kept me wearing the same top for years is the fact that there are so many colors to choose from. It comes in Dusk Purple, Eros Pink, Agate Purple, Dress Blue, Bright White, and Black.

3. Champion High Impact Sports Bra

The Champion High Impact Sports Bra is a favorite amongst my friends and clients. It allows for more high impact movements, but I love it for yoga because I can move into positions using my arms and back without digging into my back or the sides of my chest. The sports bra is made with a moisture-wicking microfiber and breathable mesh that feels soft against your skin. The compression fit holds everything in place while the foam-lined cups provide shape and lift. Choose from Black, Nude, Red Flame or White color options.

4. Gaiam Yoga Mat

In terms of yoga gear, my go-to yoga mat comes in a variety of colors and designs.I have multiples in my apartment, at my sister’s house and at my parents’ house. The mat is 5 millimeters thick and has a sticky texture that is meant to keep you grounded during your yoga routine. The purchase of one of these yoga mats also comes with access to Gaiam’s yoga library to help guide you in your practice. There are 14 colors to choose from, including Wild Aubergine, New Lilac, Cool Mint, Blue Shadow, Mulberry, Ballet and more.

5. Gaiam Yoga Block & Strap

I love adding in a yoga strap to help with flexibility and a yoga block to support myself in poses like triangle — the same brand that I buy my yoga mat offers high-quality products to meet both needs. I also use the yoga block to sit on when I’m meditating instead of having a separate meditation cushion, so it’s a solid double-duty buy. The yoga block and strap are meant to help you concentrate on deeper poses and give you the support to increase your range of motion. You can build up your strength with these tools for better alignment and added balance. It comes in three colors: Black, Grey and Purple.

6. Apple AirPods

If, like me, you enjoy listening to music prior to your yoga practice to help get you in the right headspace I recommend Apple’s AirPods. These are my favorite headphones because they’re easy to pop in and out of my ears and I can travel with the headphone case to put them out of the way during my trip. Fully charged, they boast five hours of battery life, and just 15 minutes in the charging case will give you three hours of listening time. Pause, play, or skip forward while listening to music or a podcast by simply double-tapping the earbud. They can sense when they’re in your ears and will automatically pause whatever you’re listening to when you take them out.

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