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By Keith Olbermann Anchor, 'Countdown'
updated 10/27/2006 11:07:26 AM ET 2006-10-27T15:07:26

Keith Olbermann rounds up tabloid and entertainment news every night on “Keeping Tabs.” On Thursday, Oct. 26 he had this to say:

Material fear
Faster than a No. 1 single with a bullet, more powerful than a paparazzo, Madonna leaps with a single bound to the top of our round-up of celebrity news after she complained to Oprah Winfrey about coverage of her adoption of a one-year-old Malawian a boy. 

The boy’s father is now fearful of displeasing her.  You may recall that earlier this week he seemed to cast doubt on whether he had agreed to totally relinquish custody or merely let Madonna raise and educate his child.  After all the hubbub, today he told the media, “I am afraid Madonna may get angry and frustrated and decide to dump my son.”  Wow, like Sean Penn? 

A hearing is set tomorrow to determine whether Madonna followed local laws in the adoption process.  Human rights groups say they are concerned that the boy may suffer psychological damage if Madonna gets divorced.  Other than that, of course, he’ll be just fine. 

Hong Kong 'heartbreaker'
You had plans to catch Mariah Carey’s concert in Hong Kong this Saturday?  Make new plans.  The promoter of the concert posted a cancellation on its website today.  The reason, could have something to do with the fact that Carey had only sold 4,000 tickets.  Of course you know it’s hard to find people to go see a concert in Hong Kong. 

The promoter actually attributed the cancellation to “Both the poor response of public ticket sales and also due to specific last minute demands which we find wholly unreasonable and not with the best interest of Hong Kong, us, and also the fans.” 

Demands, we’re guessing, such as asking people to pay to watch a Mariah Carey concert. 

Kate Moss backs Sir Paul
And fear not Sir Paul McCartney, it’s Kate Moss to the rescue.  That’s right, the super-super thin model is reportedly taking McCartney’s side in his train wreck of a divorce from Heather Mills.  Ms. Mills had claimed that she was forced to crawl to the toilet at night because McCartney refused to use a bedpan in the bedroom. 

Regardless of where you weigh in on that issue, however, according to the “London Sun,” Moss is telling friends Mills does not have a valid claim because she had seen Mills without her prosthetic leg, and that rather than crawl, in fact the former Mrs. McCartney was, “Jumping around like an f-ing gazelle.” 

Touche Kate Moss, touche.

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