Video: Nancy Grace: Prosecutor to anchor to defendant

By Keith Olbermann Anchor, 'Countdown'
updated 11/20/2006 11:58:12 AM ET 2006-11-20T16:58:12

Keith Olbermann rounds up tabloid and entertainment news every night on “Keeping Tabs.” On Friday, Nov. 17 he rounded up the legal woes of celebrities to the legal woes of the pundits who cover them.

Grace under fire
Nancy Grace will go from prosecutor to TV talent to defendant.  The CNN Headline News host drew national criticism for her over the top interview with Melinda Duckett in September.  Duckett’s two-year-old son had disappeared in August, Grace interrogated her during a taped interview about her whereabouts at the time of the disappearance.  The day the interview was set to air, Duckett committed suicide. 

Now her family says it will file suit against Grace for wrongful death and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  Grace stands by her interview, but has not commented about the looming lawsuit.  Duckett’s son has not yet been found and police say there is a very real possibility the mother had nothing to do with her son’s disappearance. 

Jolie defends her bodyguards
Angelina Jolie’s bodyguards are back in the news today.  Jolie is in Mumbai shooting a movie about the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl and some scenes filmed at a local school led to a melee.  Jolie was still there as classes were letting out. As parents tried to pick up their kids, the paparazzi tried to enter school grounds as well.  The British bodyguards who tried to keep the photographers out were allegedly also manhandling parents in the process. 

Eyewitnesses say the guards screamed “bloody Indians” at the locals.  Police stepped in and arrested three of the bodyguards; they are out on bail but are face the prospect of three years behind bars if convicted of the charges brought against them. 

Jolie defends her bodyguard’s actions and is blaming the presence on the presence of the paparazzi. 

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