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In this season of thanks, an online scribe nicknamed “mountainowl” says he is grateful for his wife, two children, his home and job. “But I do worry about the future.”

“Deep changes are occurring in our national environment, economy and world affairs. The lives of individuals and families are fragile in comparison. I will be thankful if we can find the vision, wisdom and courage to help us survive and prevails,” he wrote at “I thank God for the present, and pray for the future.”

Not every Thanksgiving Day post was as poignant, but members of the issues- based online community mixed humor with sober reflections about the state of their lives and country.

  • “… I’m really thankful for all those soldiers who died for me to be able to live in a country where I can get in my SUV, drive to the store, and not worry about roadside bombs or suicide kids trying to blow me up before I buy my back of smokes … which will kill me in the end,” wrote Jon Tucci.
  • “I am thankful that for now partisanship seems to be dying down and there’s a possibility that we’ll actually start listening to each other,” wrote “tamsingold.”
  • “I’m thankful to the WWII generation for what they build for us. And, to the Americans that still understand what this experiment (U.S.) is all about. And, I’m also thankful that so far when I’ve gotten on a plane, it has stayed in the air until it was suppose to come down (even us atheists pray when the turbulence gets serious),” wrote “Mikekeyy.”
  • “I’m thankful there are those willing to give their lives so I may live free,” wrote “thevoice.”
  • A woman who goes by the nickname “middleagemom”  said she was grateful for being a homemaker, calling the job “a little out of step and under-rated occupation in this day and time, but nothing I’d rather be doing.” 

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