Video: Democrats, Bush face off over Iraq

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The Senate’s failure to act on Iraq, even with a non-binding resolution, makes some wonder whether Congress gets it.

“I don't think Congress is relevant on a lot of issues that affect average Americans anymore,” wrote “Georgia Guy” at, an issues-based community.

“The Republicans have proved once again that they are just a rubber stamp for President Bush, and seem to have forgotten that it cost them the majority a few months ago,” he wrote. “The Democrats are too busy pushing too many individual agendas to get a consistent message, and they are only in the majority because people were sick of Republican, rubber-stamp legislators.”

Some in the same forum disagreed. “Of course, the Congress is relevant,” wrote “ezwriter.” “The current non-binding resolution is just one play in a four-quarter game. Republican and Democratic leadership are jockeying for a situation to their group's advantage in our political sphere here in the United States.”

Mired in politics and procedure, the Senate has thus far failed to act on a non-binding resolution on Iraq, or even formally debate the war.

“I agree with Georgia,” wrote “davet.” “I believe the entire nation is tired of the way our government has become the agenda for corrupt politicians who are only interested in what they can do for their special interest groups.  They no longer represent the people.”

A writer nicknamed “DrRenShen” said it’s up to the American people to pressure their leaders. He urged fellow participants to write members of Congress and demand action. “The more participation we force on them the better they represent us and leave their comfortable bubble,” he wrote. “They all have eager staff looking for work and stuff to do and make them appear busy, so why not (press) your issues.”

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