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Statement from NBC News

Gunman sent packet including photos to NBC News during Virginia Tech massacre

NBC received material from shooter
April 18: NBC has received photographs and other material from the Virginia Tech shooter.
Gunman sent material to NBC
April 18: Col. Steve Flaherty, of Virginia State Police, and Virginia Tech spokesman Larry Hincker talk about photographs, videos and writings sent to NBC by the gunman.
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NBC has received material from the Virginia Tech shooter believed to have been sent between the first and second shooting.  Following is a statement from NBC news:

NBC received a communication from Cho Seung-Hui, the man identified by police as the Virginia Tech shooter, via the US Mail this morning and immediately turned it over to the authorities. The package included images, videos and writings, and appears to have been mailed between the two shootings. We are cooperating fully with the authorities.

--- Allison Gollust, SVP News Media Relations

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