Image: Seth Rogen and B.O.B.
Seth Rogen appears next to his animated character B.O.B. from the movie (and video game) "Monsters vs. Aliens."
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updated 3/23/2009 8:49:23 AM ET 2009-03-23T12:49:23

Seth Rogen became an unlikely Hollywood star playing loveable losers.

He knocked up Katherine Heigl. He helped popularize a new movie genre — stoner-slash-bromance — in “Pineapple Express.” And in Dreamworks’ “Monsters vs. Aliens,” he gives voice to a viscous mass of blue goo named B.O.B.

The movie gave him — and costars Reese Witherspoon, Will Arnett and Rainn Wilson — a chance to reprise their monstrous characters in video game form, too. The game, published by Activision, hits shelves March 24, three days before the film. In it, gamers get to battle the titular aliens as one of the five monsters from the movie. There’s even a co-op mode, where a second player can chime in as Dr. Cockroach, the apparent brains of the monster operation.

Neither Rogen — nor I — have played the game yet. “I was told I’d get to play it, but they lied to me,” he said.

Either way, it can't possibly be as bas as “E.T.,” the game he blames for game movies having a bad reputation.

During our conversation, Rogen and I covered a lot of ground, including his work on the game (two hours, tops), his favorite games growing up (Nintendo, naturally) and whether he thinks smoking pot has an adverse affect on gaming skills (you’ll have to read the interview for that one):

How long did it take to do the voice work on the game? Was it a couple-day deal?

I hate to say it, but I did every single thing I had to for the game in under 2 hours.

Do you go to the same sort of place (as you did for the movie)?

I literally did it in the exact same place. They have a recording booth, and directors and a script and they kind of explain to you the different things — “and in this part you’re sort of eating things!” “OK…(munch, munch munch).” It’s literally exactly the same.

They don’t ask you to do the munching noise a little different for the game?

Nope, it’s the same munch. (Laughs) It’s the munch people want.

Do you play games much?

Yeah, I play tons of video games … I’m a big fan of the “Call of Duty” games.

On the PC or on the console?

On the console. I’ve been playing Wii … but my girlfriend is much better at it than I am, and I don’t feel good about myself afterward. There’s a bunch of new games out that I haven’t got and everyone’s telling me how good they are.

When you play “Call of Duty,” do you play by yourself, or with friends? Online?

I play by myself. (Laughs) To me video games are not a social experience.

Did you grow up gaming?

Yeah! Obviously the Mario games, from Nintendo, were big. I’d say the video game that had the biggest impact on my life was “GoldenEye” on Nintendo 64. Me and my friends wasted so much time playing that game, it is unbelievable.

What were your impressions of past movie games?

The “Spider-Man 2” game is an incredibly good video game. They’ve had some good ones! “Spider Man 2” was really, really great. The first “Spider-Man” was OK. But that second game, that’s one of the best video games ever.

Did you have any trepidation when you were deciding to take this on?

A little bit, but they kind of explained who was behind it and it seemed like a fun idea. It’s also like a kid’s game and — not that the standard’s lower — but it wouldn’t be put up to the scrutiny of something like “Spider–Man 2.”

Is there shooting involved (in your game), or blood, or anything of that nature?

I have no idea. (Laughs.)

So you may have been a part of something that’s going to cause controversy.

I can only hope!

Do you think any of your previous films — “Pineapple Express,” “Knocked Up” — would translate to games at all?

I think “Pineapple Express” could have been a good video game.

Sounds like you like to play World War II games, military shooters.

Yes. I like shooting people. … It’s a way of shutting my brain off completely. It’s like the mental equivalent of taking a nap without actually falling asleep.

A group called is claiming that smoking weed makes you bad at video games. Thoughts?

(Laughs. Keeps laughing.)

They’ve come up with (lots of) propaganda about the drug before, it’s not surprising to me that they’re onto that one.

This from the people who said that it causes insanity and mania and was supporting terrorists with its drug money. If there’s one group of people that’s full of s***, it’s them.

I watch their stupid commercials all the time. I don’t get why there’s no “don’t do crack” commercials … no “don’t drink (when you’re) underage commercials,” no “don’t overdose on pharmaceutical drug” commercials.

Do you smell a conspiracy of some sort?

Uh, yeah.

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