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Video: Russian outraged by adopted boy's return

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    announcer: protection with just one pill a day. .

    >>> we are back now with a story that causes a good deal of outrage. it starts with a woman here in america who decided to send her 7-year-old adoptive son back where he came from in russia . he was all by himself with a note basically saying she's had enough. now what this one woman has done could end up affecting other americans who want to adopt russian children. nbc 's ron allen has the story .

    >> reporter: artyom savelyev just 7 appeared bewildered. he had been put on a flight alone by a woman from tennessee who adopted him, with a note saying he was violent, mentally unstable and she did not want him anymore. his return touched off anger and outrage in russia . "his eyes fill with tear wes his adoptive mother is called by name. he says she often pulled him by hair. his mother was torry hansen . she allegedly paid a russian tour operator $200 to meet the boy at the airport. hansen adopted artyom last september. his home after being taken away from an unfit alcoholic mother . the orphanage director remembers how happy new-mom hansen and artyom had seen. hansen says the orphanage lied to her. employees were definitely aware of the major problems the child had. hansen 's mother told the associated press the boy had become threatening, "he drew a picture of our house burning down, and he'll 2 tell anybody that he's going to burn down our house with us in it." late today, the hansen 's newly-hired attorney had this to say.

    >> we are hopeful after our investigation, the family will have a reasonable explanation of what occurred.

    >> reporter: international adoption advocates call this child abuse .

    >> you're worried about this child , what is this kid feeling, thinking and doing? it's indescribable.

    >> reporter: today russia 's foreign minister called for a halt to all adoptions in the u.s. saying it was the last straw. "the way he was treated is beyond the bounds of good and evil," he says. cases like this are rare. perhaps only a handful ever reported. there already was anger because as many as 13 children adopted from russia have died at the hands of their american parents during the past ten years. now, the u.s. state department and authorities in tennessee all want to question hansen about her adopted son, now abandoned along with the promise of a new life. ron allen , nbc news, new york .

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