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Airport parking, security lines, liquids rules, baggage fees, weather delays — there is no shortage of pitfalls and frustrations that go along with air travel.

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So, you've stowed your bags, wedged yourself into the middle seat, paid eight bucks for a sandwich and you're ready for a relaxing flight to wherever you're going, right?

Um, don't you read the news?


  • On May 2, a passenger on a SkyWest flight from Helena, Mont. to Salt Lake City began banging on the cockpit door. His reason? He claimed he was a space alien and said he wanted to fly the plane.
  • On April 27, an international Delta flight was diverted to Bangor, Maine, after a man claimed he had a false passport and dynamite.
  • On April 23, a Florida-bound Delta flight was diverted after a man sprayed the first-class cabin with a water bottle, tried to open up a cabin door and threatened to blow up the plane.
  • And who can forget the Qatari diplomat who, in early April, tried sneaking a cigarette in the plane lavatory and made snide — and unwise — comments when approached by a member of the flight crew. His actions caused a bomb scare, not to mention all sorts of loud public reaction.

As you can see, your adventure is sometimes just beginning when you fasten your seat buckle.

But what about you? What is your story?

Have you ever taken an Ambien so you could nap, and had a bad reaction? Have you ever gotten a tad tipsy — or worse — while cruising at 35,000 feet? Have you suffered a meltdown due to stress or other factors?

We want to hear your stories. We will compile a collection of some of the more notable tales and share them in coming days on

Be sure to include your contact information. We won't publish it, but we might need to contact you to verify your story.

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