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Video: Ethic cases raise racial questions?

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    >>> charldemocrats try to hold on to their majority this fall. a controversy is also drawing attention because both are african-american. but two top political reporters in politico write, quote, the question of whether block lawmakers are now being singled out for vut any has been simmering throughout the 111th congress . at one point earlier this year, all eight lawmakers under formal investigation by the house investigations committee including rangel and waters were democrats. luke russert is here with us. let's talk about this race component, some have shot it down right after the bat, saying this is a nonissue. what are you hearing on capitol hill ?

    >> this office of constitutional evident thicks is an office which could make suggestions to the house ethics committee on following up on some sort of claims on congressional misconduct. there's been a feeling around the democratic black caucus -- the cbc has had ethical problems within there. some democrats who are not on the cbc says it's odd they have gone after the cbc . however at the end of the day , the house ethics committee is a bipartisan group that takes issues they feel really need to be explored and investigated.

    >> and speaking of exploring, let's move ahead to the november elections, could this have a major impact? some say this is just a story line we're discussing now, by november this will not be hovering over the heads of democrats.

    >> the group you have to pay attention here, the house vulnerable democrats. it comes from socially conservative districts. one of the ways in which democrats propel themselves through these big majorities is attacking corruption they felt republicans had in '06. so there's certainly a question, a fear whether or not we're going to be labelled with this corruption title ourselves. norm house democrats i have spoken to, almost to a person buzz not want to see those things play out because of the possibility of that threat. some will tell you, in my rural district , we don't necessarily hear this b people don't necessarily know what it's like, people are not watching msnbc hearing about it. so it's much more of a localized race. that being said, as one democratic leadership aid told me, we really wish they would cut a deal because it will be a headache in some capacity.

    >> luke russert .

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