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The United States expanded its ban on air cargo shipments from Somalia in the wake of the package bomb plot originating from Yemen, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Monday.

Additionally, toner and ink cartridges that are over 16 ounces will be banned from all U.S. passenger flights and planes heading to the United States, she said. That ban will also apply to some air cargo shipments.

Other new rules include:

  • International mail packages sent to the U.S. must be screened individually and certified to have come from an established postal shipper;
  • Cargo shippers, such as UPS, Federal Express, and DHL, have been encouraged to report cargo manifests to Homeland Security faster, prior to departure, to aid in identifying risky cargo based on current intelligence.

In Europe, EU interior ministers established a panel on Monday to review a proposed plan to tighten air cargo security that would include blacklisting high-risk airports that are deemed to have inadequate security measures.

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said his five-point plan also calls for "special controls" on suspect parcels "like technical material from Yemen destined for a Jewish organization in Europe or the United States."

If de Maiziere's proposal is approved, it would be the first time the 27-nation European has adopted a blacklist of foreign airports.

The EU has had a list of unsafe airlines since 2006. It currently includes 278 banned airlines from 17 countries — mostly small carriers from Africa and Asia — and is regularly updated.

Reuters, The Associated Press and NBC's Pete Williams contributed to this report.

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    >>> we turn now to homeland security . two weeks ago it was toner cartridges discovered after they had been converted into potential cargo bombs. today, we learned of tougher security standards from the feds. pete williams is at the department of homeland security tonight and pete, i know part of what's going to be regulated are these toner cartridges. but you have to play the odds. what are the chances the terrorists are going to use them again?

    >> reporter: these rules do expend the ban on all cargo shipments from yemen, which is where the two packages came from. and they apply as well now to somalia. starting today, all cargo shippers cannot put high risk cargo on passenger planes. what's considered high risk will depend on intelligence about the sender and the content, and all packages sent by mail overseas must be screened individually. now, for those cartridges, airline passengers from now on cannot carry toner or ink cartridges that weigh over a pound on any passenger flight, and this applies any domestic flights as well as those coming in from overseas.

    >> pete williams on these new

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