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Richard Engel, NBC News' Chief Foreign Correspondent, has been reporting on the Middle East uprisings from Egypt to Libya over the last several months. He responded to reader questions about the latest in Libya and across the Middle East from the rebel stonghold Benghazi. Click below to replay the chat.

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Live chat: NBC's Richard Engel in Benghazi, Libya

Video: Rebel forces in Libya take full control of airport

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    >>> fierce fighting in libya. humanitarian aid . nbc news richard engel is live for us. richard, walk us through the bat that took place and how pivotal it is for the rebels.

    >> there have been a lot of developments, positive developments coming out of misrata . first, the rebels were able to push out beyond the western edge of the the city heading about 20 miles closer to tripoli. and now according to witnesses they have taken control of the airport in misrata . misrata is behind enemy lines . it is otherwise completely surrounded by gadhafi forces. the only way in and out of the city for the rebels and for the air brigade has been through seaport. now at the airport there is the possibility and i say possibility for reasons that will be clear in a second that they could open a second corridor of humanitarian relief . while the reason it's still possible and not likely is that it's unclear what kind of condition the airport is in, are the runways still functional, and there is a no-fly zone in this country so any aircraft that takes to the sky has to have special her mission from nato or it will be shot down. so there is no indication yet that we're going to suddenly be seeing lots of flights going back and forth from benghazi . it certainly is a positive relevant and moral boost for the troops and the rebels on the ground in misrata .

    >> richard, there are also reports of suspected revenge killings, seeking out gadhafi loyalists. brief us if there is truth to this and how it might undermine the rebels' cause.

    >> i can saw that report on the cover, i think, of the "new york times." i actually think a little bit exaggerated. there have been so killings here in ben gls ghazi and some agents of vigilante but not like in iraq or even in egypt there's been more killings than there have been here in benghazi . benghazi remains a safe city, foreign diplomats wander the city, go jogging in the city. it is not descended into a case of lawlessness. yes, there are a few vigilante groups that are apparently hunting down members of the former regime. but i think you can count on one hand since the beginning of this conflict the number of those targeted killings taking place here.

    >> riff charred, thank you.


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