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    LESTER HOLT, anchor: It was a little cooler today, a little, along the East Coast , but what a week it has been. The heat dome that enveloped much of the country grew out of the Midwest and slowly moved east, breaking more than 800 temperature records along the way. We're joined now by The Weather Channel 's Stephanie Mohr . What's it look like in the days ahead, Stephanie ?

    SAMANTHA MOHR reporting: Looks like we're going to see that heat start to break a little bit, Lester . In fact, we're already starting to see that happen across parts of the Northeast . Thank goodness, we'll take every break we can get. You know, in Dallas-Fort Worth , we have had 23 straight days of 100 or better. It's been since July 1st since we've been in the upper 90s. And in Raleigh-Durham , five straight day of temperatures above 100 degrees and that's a new record for them. Here are the current numbers. We're now down to 90 in Raleigh-Durham , due to some of the thunderstorms in the area. But Dallas is still roasting at 103 degrees. And as we head into our Monday, we're going to be dealing with those temperatures in the '90s still, but we're going to take a few degrees off in DC , we're taking a few degrees off in Raleigh-Durham after being 101 today. And by Tuesday, temperatures start warming their way back up again. So it is just a very short respite but at this time of year, we'll take any degree we

    can get. Lester: I saw Samantha , I said Stephanie . Samantha , thanks very much.


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