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Artists and photographers have already embraced the iPad for showing off their work, and sometimes for creating, despite the screen's limitations. The new version announced yesterday sweeps away those limitations - with an ultra high-resolution, color-saturated display.

The jaja stylus addresses another drawback by mimicking the ability of a brush or charcoal to alter line thickness and depth with pressure -- making any iPad's touch screen a bit more like a piece of paper or canvas. The pen features a pressure sensor that transmits readings to the tablet. In place of radio signals such as Bluetooth, it sends high-frequency sound to the tablet's microphone. The tones are beyond the range of human hearing and soft enough to not bother the dog. No more shutting down while on a flight – it works with an iPad in airplane mode.

Jaja is funded through a program called Kickstarter, in which individuals put up the money to finance small businesses.  Signing on as a backer, you can pre-order the jaja for $45, plus $10 shipping. Deliveries start next month.

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