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A charity founded by former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky is calling off an internal investigation in the wake of his child sex abuse scandal.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Thursday the chief executive of the Second Mile, David Woodle, says the organization is dropping plans for the probe into what past leaders knew and when. Woodle says the organization is "in a different situation now" because it's "getting ready to go out of business."

The Second Mile wants to turn over its assets to Houston-based Arrow Child & Family Ministries Inc. Lawyers for some people who say Sandusky abused them are opposed.

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Woodle says the charity will continue to cooperate with all external investigations.

Sandusky was convicted of 45 criminal counts. He has maintained his innocence and awaits sentencing.

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Video: Sandusky case still not over

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    >> sandusky behind bars this case is tstill far from other. several investigations are still on going. and michael isacoff joins us with the details what can we expect as we move forward.

    >> reporter: lester there are pending charges against two penn state officials. both are charged with purgery relating to that 2001 shower incident involving sandusky and a young boy . beyond nthat there are on going investigations into what others at penn state may have known. including sources have told nbc news showing that spanga agreed that it would be important not to report that to officials. thirdly federal and state prosecutors are investigating sandus sandusky 's second mile charity and what officials may have known there. and the victims in this case are most certain to be filing civil suits against penn state .


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