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Video: In foreign policy speech, Romney argues for change

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    >>> good evening, if you were among the over 60 million of us who watched the presidential debate , then you know we saw two things that night, really, an energized mitt romney , and lackluster president obama , and tonight it appears what happened that night has the numbers on the move there was new polling when they opened up against the president, the numbers show the race trending, tightening, trending towards romney , at least right now, we begin with peter alexander , traveling with the romney campaign.

    >> reporter: brian, good evening to you, a romney adviser tells me that the campaign is stronger, that the candidate is increasingly confident. he tried to draw a sharp contrast on the issue of national security . with just 29 days to go, following the last debate, the race is quickly tightening, but remains volatile. the polls had different results. the latest poll shows romney leads, now up four points between the likely voters, but a new gallup poll shows the president up by five. looking to capitalize on his momentum, today, romney tried to frame himself as a steady commander-in-chief, and in what his campaign feels is a major foreign policy speech, accusing president obama of weak leadership.

    >> i know that president obama hopes for a weaker middle east , but hope is not a strategy.

    >> reporter: and calling for a change of course, but offering few new policy details, romney argued that the middle east is a more dangerous place since the president took office, citing serious civil war . the potential of a nuclear iran, and last month's terrorist attack in libya, that left four americans, including the u.s. ambassador , dead.

    >> it is our responsibility, and the responsibility of the president to use his greatest power to shape history, not to lead from behind.

    >> reporter: the obama campaign was quick with a rebut all, they talked about specifics.

    >> now i'm a professor, he gave absolutely no specifics.

    >> reporter: in california today, president obama appealed to hispanics, dedicating the first ever national monument to a contemporary mexican-american, the late labor leader, caesar chavez . with the stakes higher than ever, the president put a spin on his own debate performance, rallying the supporters at a concert in hollywood last night.

    >> my understanding, it was an incredible show. and everybody here is an incredible professional, such great friends, and they just performed flawlessly night after night , and i can't always say the same.

    >> reporter: in today's speech, mitt romney also appeared to try to take away from the president's signature success overseas, as to the death of osama bin laden . he credited the military and professionals for that.

    >> here, traveling with the romney campaign, in virginia tonight, peter,


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