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Neil Heslin, father of Newtown victim Jesse Lewis said that he's "ashamed" Congress hasn't voted yet on new gun laws.

Neil Heslin, father of six-year-old Newtown victim Jesse Lewis, said that  he’s ”ashamed” Congress hasn’t voted yet on new gun control legislation.

“I’m not real proud of what I see in Congress,” Heslin said on Jansing & Co. Tuesday.”It at least deserves a vote. I’m really upset and disturbed it hasn’t gotten that respect from Congress.”

Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee are threatening to filibuster any new gun laws, Politico reported Tuesday.

“To be totally honest with you, I haven’t had anyone come to me to explain why they object to it… all I’ve heard is the Second Amendment, the Second Amendment. And it’s not about the Second Amendment, it’s about saving people’s lives, innocent people’s lives,” Heslin said.

The NRA is also sending out robo-calls to residents in Newtown. A recorded voice says, “This week, despite an outcry of public opposition, anti-gun legislators are aggressively pursuing numerous proposals that are designed to disarm and punish law abiding gun owners and sportsmen. These bills would ban commonly owned firearms, impose a gun rationing scheme and mandate gun registration.”

Off camera, Heslin also told Jansing that he’s disturbed by the robo-calls; however, he has not received one personally and has not heard them. He does not think it’s appropriate for the community of Newtown.

The White House says President Obama will continue to push for a vote on the assault weapons ban, though it would only be as an amendment. Senator Harry Reid will bring up the comprehensive gun package after lawmakers return from break.

“I keep telling folks this is a transformational moment. When Sandy Hook took place, I can’t think of too much that should cause people to say look, we cannot continue to go down this road without making a difference,” Congressman Elijah Cummings said on Morning Joe. 

Heslin said he never planned to speak before Congress or on television, but believes his son deserves a vote.

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    >>> r. and mike lee -- are setting up a new and potentially major roadblock for gun control legislation. politico reports they plan to hand a letter to senate majority leader harry reid 's office that says, "we will oppose the motion to proceed to any legislation that will serve as a vehicle for any additional gun restrictions." the move comes just a day after the white house said president obama is still pushing for a vote on banning assault weapons despite senator reid's decision to exclude the ban from comprehensive gun control .

    >>> and this morning democratic congressman elijah cummings said the stakes couldn't be higher.

    >> i keep telling folks this is a transformational moment. when sandy hook took place, i can't think of too much that should cause people to say, look, we cannot continue to go down this road without making a difference.

    >> joining me now is neil hess heslip. his son jesse was killed at sandy hook . this goes beyond just scrapping an assault weapons ban . it's really a veiled threat to filibuster any new gun control legislation. if they were sitting here, what would you say to these three senators?

    >> i feel it deserves at least a vote. i'm really upset and disturbed that it hasn't gotten that respect from congress. what happened at sandy hook is something that's not going to go away. there has to be stricter gun regulations and control anthony what there is now. i keep asking myself over and over again, how could someone go into an elementary school at sandy hook and get a weapon of that type and create a crime to the magnitude that caused the devastation that was caused? i just can't believe there's congressmen out there that can't recognize there's changes that need to be taken.

    >> you said and to me, when we were talking before on the break, you were not someone who was politically active or followed the minutia of what was going on in congress, and then the next thing you know, you're in the middle of this. we saw you with vice president biden and mayor bloomberg last week for a news conference on gun reform. after being there, after seeing how things work in washington, after talking to the mayor and the vice president, given the political realities, how optimistic are you that things will change ?

    >> i hope they will change. i realize it's a long battle, it's going to be a long battle and a long journey, but i'm confident in time there will be changes that are effective.

    >> are there people who oppose this legislation who will come to you and explain why?

    >> to be totally honest with you, i haven't had anybody come to me and explain why they object to it or they're not in favor of stricter gun regulations and bans on the assault weapons . all i've heard is the second amendment, the second amendment. it's not about the second amendment, it's about saving children's lives and innocent people's lives.

    >> in the days after the shooting, i talked to a lot of gun control advocates, including some that i knew from columbine and who had been working on this issue since then, and one of their concerns then back in december is that america has a short memory, they said, and that they felt like there was a window of opportunity when this was fresh in people's minds, when something could get done, and there was a new poll out this morning that showed that backing for stricter gun control went to 47%, 10% drop since december. are you worried that a window of opportunity is closing?

    >> no, i'm not. i'm going to continue to push stronger gun control . as i said, in due time , it will happen. it's not going to happen overnight. i'm ashamed that congress won't even give these children the courtesy to vote on stronger gun measures and control. i'm not real proud of what i see in congress from a lot of people, a lot of congressmen.

    >> you should be proud of what you're doing for jesse , and i don't want to let you leave without telling us a little bit about him because you did say that one of the parts of this journey is that you do want to be able to do is to talk about your son.

    >> it's not easy for me to come here and go to congress and speak about jesse . it's just a continuous wound that's not healing. it's rewarding to speak of the fond memories of the times we had together. but not under these circumstances and not as i am doing.

    >> neil heslin, it's good of you to come in. we have been following very closely, obviously, what has been happening. we will continue to. thank you so much.

    >> thank you.

    >> and, of course, our deepest sympathies.


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