The Daily Rundown
updated 4/18/2013 9:16:57 PM ET 2013-04-19T01:16:57

Democrats want Mark Sanford to take a hike in South Carolina’s 1st District special election. Republicans are declining to try to help the former governor.

Democrats are well-placed to take advantage of the Sanford mess. They have a strong candidate in Elizabeth Colbert Busch, one who would get national coverage in any case thanks to her famous brother, comedian Stephen Colbert. They are cautiously optimistic about winning the seat.

However, even while the DCCC and its allies are going in big for Colbert Busch, their optimism should still be somewhat measured. A recent string of upset special election victors – Kathy Hochul (D-N.Y.), Bob Turner (R-N.Y.), Don Cazayoux (D-La.) and Travis Childers (D-Miss.) – aren’t in Congress anymore either.

“This is an overwhelmingly Republican district that has become competitive because Republicans yet again nominated a flawed candidate,” said DCCC spokesman Jesse Ferguson. “The DCCC will aggressively compete in uphill fights even in the most Republican territory.”


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