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Your assignment: Do you live in or near Laguna Beach and have you seen or been affected by the landslide? Write your report on the space provided below. E-mail CJ@MSNBC.com if you want to send photos or video.

Your stories:

People picking up the basics
I had worked the graveyard shift at the Best Western there at Bluebird Canyon Rd. and Pacific Coast Highway. I had heard a few sirens just shortly before my shift ended and was heading to the local hospital for some testing. It wasn't until 11 a.m. and I had the radio on in the car did I discover what had happened. I felt bad, for these people, some shaken from their beds. I was just a young girl, barely in high school in this beautiful community when the last slide happened in that area and remember it well. Just running my usual errands I ran into people picking up just the basics to live and didn't know what to say but listened. I cannot imagine losing everything you have worked so hard for and have it be gone in minutes. How do you help them rebuild their losses? The California Dream turned nightmare. Can it be returned to a Nice Dream once again?
--Carole Barber, Aliso Viejo, Calif.

Power out, slide on
I live up above the slide area on Bluebird Canyon Drive. I looked at the clock at 6:45 I was getting ready to "toast" a bagel and the power went out. This was probably when the big slide happened, taking out the power poles. I packed up my son, unlatched my electric garage door, extracted my car and drove down the hill two blocks. At this point six police cars and three fire trucks were racing up Bluebird toward the slide. All the slide area was not seen by me or my son, but we wondered what was going on. We felt no vibration on tremors prior. Its incredible that a slide of this magnitude could happen at this time of day and nobody was killed. Are hearts go out to our neighbors who lost their homes.
--Joe Morreale, Laguna Beach, Calif.

View from Bluebird Canyon Road
I live near Laguna Beach in San Clemente. I've driven to a friends house just off of Bluebird Canyon Road and was amazed at the first house just hanging over the edge ready to fall at any moment. I surprised that there were a total of 12 homes lost as it did not appear that many other homes were effected by the slide other than the two houses adjacent to the first one that was ready to fall in February.
--Shelly Shellenbaum, San Clemente, Calif.

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