Video: Puppy-napping caught on tape

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updated 6/30/2005 11:31:27 AM ET 2005-06-30T15:31:27

MIAMI — Everybody was devastated Thursday at the Just Puppies store in Orlando.

Twelve of the store's cutest puppies are missing, and staffers know exactly what happened. 

On the store computer they saw it all, during a replay of their live Webcam.

"They knew what they wanted,” said Tyler Thomson, the owner of Just Puppies, as he watched the Webcam replay of the incident.

The night burglars can be seen as plain as day, despite disguises to cover their faces, going from cage to cage, taking their pick of the litter.

Watching the video, you can see exactly what happened. They came in through the back door, two men who appeared to be white or Hispanic. Meanwhile, another gentleman went next door and got some dog food.

Smallest breeds
Thomson is devastated.

“I just feel sorry for those dogs, because they don't deserve those dogs. They come in and steal, and how are they going to take care of them?” said Thomson.

The burglars chose most of the smallest breeds.

Their total sale value is nearly $7,000, but on the street without papers, they are worth much less.

The owner believes the same thieves stole four more puppies from his other store, and has offered a $2,000 reward.

“It's a horrible thing,” said Thomson, clearly choked up by the incident. “It's just sad, it's very sad.”

His next step is to buy a big guard dog, to keep an eye on the remaining pups.

Mark Potter is an NBC News correspondent based in Miami.


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