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Puppies! U.S. Olympian Hopes to Help Sochi Strays

We found out something new about freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy: not only is he conquering the slopes, he's an animal lover, too.

The Olympian declared his love for Sochi's stray pups on Facebook, and hopes to bring a few of them to Telluride, Colo., where he said he has already lined up kennels and made vaccination appointments.

"I've been a dog-lover my whole life, and to find just the cutest family of strays ever here at the Olympics was just a fairytale way to have it go down. So hopefully I'll bring them back with me," Kenworthy told reporters.

"Yesterday we had practice all day and then I went down to the dogs and hung out with the puppies and brought them some food. Then I had to say goodbye to them when it started getting dark."

REUTERS/Eric Gaillard / REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

Reports emerged that Sochi had planned to euthanize the thousands of stray dogs wandering around Olympic Village, but city officials and the International Olympics Committe have said that policy will only be applied to dogs that are sick or dying.