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Jo Yurcaba

Jo Yurcaba is a reporter for NBC Out.

Jo Yurcaba is a reporter for NBC Out.

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15h ago

Fight hasn’t been ruled out as cause of Nex Benedict’s death, police say

An Owasso police spokesperson said that previous statements that Nex Benedict didn’t die as a result of “trauma” didn’t rule out the fight as a contributing factor.
1d ago

Oklahoma students walk out after trans student’s death to protest bullying policies

After the death of Nex Benedict, classmates at Owasso High School say bullying often goes unpunished, which led them to protest the school’s policies with a walk out.
2d ago

Oklahoma student describes school fight the day before their death in new video

TULSA, Okla. — An Oklahoma student who died the day after a fight at school told police they threw water at three students who had been bullying them and that the students responded by beating them, according to video police released Friday.
2d ago

Friends remember Nex Benedict, Oklahoma student who died after school fight, as ‘fiery kid’

Friends and community members in Owasso, Oklahoma, gathered Sunday to pay tribute to Nex Benedict, who died the day after a fight in school.
6d ago

Oklahoma’s queer community mourns 16-year-old in state that leads the nation in anti-LGBTQ bills

Oklahoma’s queer community is reeling after the death of Nex Benedict, an LGBTQ teen who allegedly faced bullying at school for months.
6d ago

Authorities to release video from school where family of LGBTQ student said teen was attacked day before their death

Authorities in Oklahoma will release video from inside the school where the family of an LGBTQ student said the teen was attacked and assaulted in a bathroom one day before their death, police said Wednesday.

N. Carolina gubernatorial candidate says trans women should be arrested over bathroom use

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, the GOP front-runner in the state's gubernatorial race, implied that transgender women should be arrested for using women's restrooms.

Kansas AG says schools can't hide trans kids’ gender identities from parents

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach says schools can’t conceal trans kids’ gender identities from parents, which can include given names and pronouns used at school.

Missouri Republican candidate torches LGBTQ-inclusive books in viral video

Valentina Gomez, a Republican candidate for Missouri secretary of state, used a flamethrower to burn two LGBTQ-inclusive library books in a viral video.
21d ago

Survey of over 90,000 trans people shows vast improvement in life satisfaction after transition

The largest-ever nationwide survey of trans people found workplace and medical discrimination continues, and that many report increased life satisfaction post-transition.

Oklahoma bill would ban state agencies from celebrating Pride Month

A bill introduced in the Oklahoma Legislature on Monday would bar state agencies from celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month or displaying rainbow Pride flags on state property at anytime of year.