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Nissan recalls more than 700,000 Rogues over car key defect that can shut off the engine while driving

The Rogue was the eighth-best-selling used vehicle of 2022 and a top seller for Nissan in the U.S.
2022 Nissan Rogue Sport
A 2022 Nissan Rogue Sport.Jeremy Cliff / Business Wire

Nissan is recalling at least 712,458 vehicles in its Rogue line over an issue with malfunctioning car keys that can inadvertently cause engines to shut off.

The recall affects “S” grade trim-level Nissan Rogue Sport and Nissan Rogue vehicles equipped with jackknife keys, including the 2017-22 Nissan Rogue Sport and the 2014-20 Nissan Rogue.

As a result of the defective keys, drivers could inadvertently make contact with them and turn the vehicles off while driving, increasing the risk of crashes, Nissan said.

Nissan said that while it prepares a remedy, registered owners will be notified to avoid attaching accessories to key fobs and to use the key in the "nonfolding" orientation. Dealers and rental fleets will also be instructed to insert fasteners into the key slots that will prevent the keys from folding.  

According to Autoweek, the Rogue was the eighth-best-selling used vehicle of 2022. It is also a top seller for Nissan overall.