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SAT Scores Affected by Misprint Released

SAT test scores are now available for students who took a June 6th test with a misprint.

High schoolers and parents worried that a recent SAT printing error hurt their test results are finally getting a chance to see their scores.

After a "comprehensive review and statistical analysis," the College Board, which administers the test, found the scores to be "valid and reliable," said spokesman Zachary Goldberg.

Now the scores for those who took the June 6 SAT test with the misprint are available at

"Admission directors from across the country have told us they have full confidence in those scores and will view them just like scores from any other SAT administration," said Goldberg.

The College Board determined the results are valid because the test is designed to be scoreable even with some sections missing.

Until September 3, affected students can register to retake the test in October with their entrance fee waived by calling 866-756-7346.