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Scrabble Allows Some New Phrases, And You'll LOL at Them

"Lolz", "cakehole," "ridic" and "sexting" are just some of the peculiar words that are now acceptable in a game of Scrabble.
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Good news Scrabble fans! A new edition of your favorite and most "grammatically correct" book has published, but it comes with a few new "ridic" words.

"Lolz", "cakehole," "ridic" and "sexting" are just some of the peculiar words that are now acceptable in a game of Scrabble, according to the latest edition of "Collins Official Scrabble Words," published on Thursday.

Around 6,500 words have been added to the most comprehensive Scrabble dictionary, which already contains 250,000 accepted words.

Many of the phrases that have been added reflect modern-day culture and how we interact with one another, whether that's through our electronic devices or not. Prior to Thursday, the most up-to-date version of "Collins" was the 2011 edition.

Now, contemporary trends and objects such as "twerking" and "onesie" have all been taken into account , along with short onomatopoeic words such as "eew" and "yeesh."

Out of the new words, "bezzy" (best friend), "cazh" (casual) and "paczki" (round, filled doughnut) all score a high 17 points or more in a game of Scrabble. An Inuit's snow shelter or "Quinzhee" will score players 29 points and that's not even on a triple word score!

New Scrabble-friendly phrases

  1. BEZZY (18 points)
  2. CAKEHOLE (17 points)
  3. CAZH (18 points)
  4. COQUI (16 points)
  5. DENCH (11 points)
  6. EMOJI (14 points)
  7. HACKTIVIST (22 points)
  8. IXNAY (15 points)
  9. NEWB (9 points)
  10. OBVS (9 points)
  11. PACZKI (23 points)
  12. PWN (8 points)
  13. SEXTING (15 points)
  14. SHIZZLE (18 points)
  15. TWERKING (16 points)
— Alexandra GIbbs