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'Drunk' man reportedly threatened British Airways crew with glass shard

It seems some airplane passengers don't know their limits when it comes to alcohol and flying.

A little over a week ago it was reported that an intoxicated 18-year-old urinated on the cabin floor of a red-eye flight from Portland, Ore., to New York. Now a 32-year-old man has been accused of threatening a British Airways flight crew after they refused to serve him another alcoholic beverage.

According to the Telegraph, witnesses said the passenger, Tim Bradley, had been served several glasses of beer and wine before his outburst on the Aug. 20 flight from Phoenix to London.

"He was shouting at customers and crew, swearing, stumbling about the cabin,” Lesley Lewis, 31, of Southampton told The Sun, another UK paper.

"His swearing got louder and he was swearing at the manager of the crew. He pushed him in the galley and wanted to know why he was refused more wine."

Lewis reportedly saw Bradley return to his seat with a piece of broken glass and say, "I'll stab the pilots if they want."

British Airways confirmed the incident on Flight 288 in a statement to "Although the cabin crew tried to pacify the passenger, his behaviour continued to be unacceptable and the flight was met by the police. We do not tolerate abusive behaviour towards our staff or customers."

Bradley was arrested when the 10-hour flight landed in London and will appear for sentencing at Isleworth Crown Court in west London on Sept. 23, according to the Telegraph.

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