Turbulence Injures 17 Aboard Honolulu To Manila Flight

Turbulence Tosses Passengers on Flight From Hawaii 0:42

At least 17 passengers were injured when a Philippine Airlines flight from Honolulu to Manila experienced turbulence in the middle of the flight late Thursday, officials said.

A medical team was deployed to assist the injured after Fight 101 landed on schedule, Manila International Airport said in a statement.

It said that the aircraft experienced turbulence after taking off from Hawaii at 11:47 a.m local time (5:47 a.m. ET) Thursday. It landed in Manila at 4:18 p.m. local time Friday (5:15 a.m. ET) as scheduled.

The extent of the injuries was unknown. However, some passengers were filmed by a local television station being taken from the airport in wheelchairs.

A DZBB radio reporter tweeted pictures of passengers in wheelchairs. One identified as Abuena Castillo held an ice pack on her head. She was quoted as saying that the plane suddenly fell and rose, throwing her off her seat.

Another told said they "thought we would die" after the plane was hit with a strong impact. Others thanked the pilot.