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Unhappy meal: McDonald's suit claims toddler ate used condom

It's a story that leaves a bad taste in your mouth: A Chicago mother filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against McDonald's, alleging that her toddler found and ate a used condom in a play area last year.

According to the complaint, 2-year-old Jacquel "picked up a used condom that was on the floor.” Then, “shortly thereafter… coughed up a piece of the used condom."

Now the boy's mother, Anishi Spencer, wants the burger chain to cough up $50,000 plus in legal fees.

Jacquel, who is now 3, "has suffered severe and permanent injuries, both physical and psychological, as well as pain and discomfort," the suit said. "He will become liable for sums of money for continued medical care throughout his life." The complaint made the same statement about Jacquel's 4-year-old brother Jonathan, who also handled the condom.

The complaint named McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's Restaurants of Illinois, Inc. as defendants, saying they "failed and neglected" to keep the restaurant clean and safe.

“Providing a safe, clean environment is a top priority for us. This restaurant is no exception," McDonald's USA director of operations Wanda Haltek said in a statement. "These are just allegations and we strongly caution anyone from jumping to conclusions without having the facts."

Haltek said the incident was still under investigation when the lawsuit was filed and that Spencer hadn't turned over the "alleged object" for McDonald's to examine.

"Because this is now a pending legal matter, it would be inappropriate to further comment or speculate,” she said.