Deepica Mutyala

N - New-fashioned

"I could have had my viral moment be a fun 15 minutes of fame or I could take it and turn it into my dream career. I just never wanted to look back and think 'what if.'"

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Ocean Vuong

Y - Yearning

"Kindness and compassion are not a sacrifice — but a nourishment for art."

Seng Luangrath

Z - Zesty

"Introducing new people to my cuisine [is] a challenge I always look forward to."

Nathan Chen

K - Kinetic

"Never give up."

Mai Der Vang

W - Writing history

"When I feel the spark of an idea, or when I read or hear about injustices in the community, country, and world, I feel the challenge set upon me to write."

Chloe Kim

X - Xtreme

"Always remember to have fun."

Justin Chon

V - Versatile

"I love to watch films constantly. Sitting in a room with strangers while we all laugh and cry watching people make believe is exciting for me."

Fatimah Asghar

U - Unapologetic

"Do your work."

Pradeepa Jeeva

O - On the move

"I am constantly reading and actively look for opportunities that will challenge my assumptions about our society and the world around me."

Auli'i Cravalho

S - Showstopping

"In all that I do, I carry my culture and heritage with me."

Jon Jon Briones

T - Tireless

"Aspire to do what you love, then do it constantly and consistently."