On Assignment

On Assignment: A Matter of Trust

Lester Holt embeds with a special community police unit in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the country – Watts, South Los Angeles. In a nation still reeling from Ferguson and Baltimore, what he finds may be a way to resolve the distrust and hate between poor urban communities and the forces sworn to serve and protect them.

You can watch the full June 17 "On Assignment" online here.

Exclusive Web Video from 'A Matter of Trust'

A Matter of Trust: Two Simple Words 1:08
A Matter of Trust: A Line You Don't Cross 2:55
A Matter of Trust: The Compton Ave Elementary Father-Daughter Dance 2:11

Behind the Scenes Photos from 'Hands Off'

Lester Holt holds a round-table discussion with community members in Watts, South Los Angeles, to discuss police brutality, viewed through a multi-camera monitor.
A film slate from an outdoor shoot while Lester Holt embeds with a police unit in Watts, Los Angeles.
Sgt. Emada Tingirides sits down with Lester Holt to speak candidly about the special community police unit in Watts, South Los Angeles.