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Map: How far are you from where a Covid vaccine is expected to be administered?

As many as 4 out of 5 Americans live within 5 miles of a pharmacy that the federal government has named part of the federal vaccine allocation.

As plans are made for inoculating the country against Covid-19, a central question to the endeavor is where will a person go to get vaccinated?

The Department of Health and Human Services gave a preliminary answer to that question, publishing a list of pharmacies and pharmacy chains that are expected to administer the vaccine. While local jurisdictions may make their own plans, this list represents 40,000 pharmacy locations, more than half the number of pharmacies in the country, according to an NBC News analysis of pharmacy data from the nonprofit Healthcare Ready’s Rx Open service.

This analysis compared pharmacy locations for the places on the federal list to the population of the country. From that, the analysis provided an estimate of how close Americans live to the nearest pharmacy. According to the analysis, 99 percent live within 50 miles, 98 percent within 25 miles, 80 percent within 5 miles and 34 percent live within a mile of the nearest pharmacy.

See a map of how many people live within 5 miles of the nearest pharmacy below.

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