Gateway 24" high-definition display

Gateway 24" Hi-Def Display

Gateway’s bright and sharp hi-def 24” display packs so much punch for the price it’s almost hard to believe. My screen pulls triple duty as a computer monitor, TV screen, and display for my video game consoles — all of which the Gateway 24” HD display can handle, thanks to a slew of input ports.

Two sets of component video ports can handle two video game consoles or an HD cable box or a DVD player. In my case, I use one set for my TiVo and the other for my Xbox 360.

The VGA port handles my PowerBook, and the DVI port, which can handle HDMI with an adapter, is awaiting the arrival of my PlayStation 3, which will allow me to watch Blu-ray movies and play games in all their full, highest-def 1080p glory.

An optional speaker bar snaps to the lower edge of the display and offers good sound, and headphone jacks on either side let me plug in and tune out without waking the neighbors on those nights when I want to play late.

Lastly, the picture in a picture feature lets me watch one program while monitoring another in a corner display. Gateway has done a nice job with this wonderfully adaptable HD display. 

— Joe Hutsko