NBC News World Blog contributors

NBC News World Blog aims to provide a dynamic look at world events and trends – both big and small – from NBC News correspondents, producers, and bureaus around the world. Online entries – from text to video – will explore news events and how they are shaping our world.

Regular contributors include NBC News correspondents, producers and staff based in bureaus across the world and on assignment. Below is a list of their bios. 

Andy Eckardt is an NBC News producer based in Mainz, Germany.

Ali Arouzi is an NBC News producer based in Tehran, Iran.

Tom Aspell joined NBC News in 1985 as a producer based in Cyprus, covering the rising tensions in the Middle East and traveling throughout the region’s potential flash points.

After the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, Aspell went to Baghdad where he began reporting for NBC News as an on-air correspondent and has been covering the region ever since. Click here to read Tom Aspell's full bio.

Eric Baculinao is NBC News Beijing Bureau Chief.

Ghazi Balkiz is an NBC News producer.

Truus Bos is an NBC News producer. She joined NBC News London bureau in 1980 as an assignment desk editor and producer. Since 2004, she has rotated in and out of the Baghdad bureau several times a year, working as both a producer and acting bureau chief.

Karl Bostic is an NBC News producer based out of London.

Kevin Burke is an NBC News cameraman.

Richard Engel is NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent. Engel, the only television news correspondent to cover the entire war in Iraq for an American television network from Baghdad, joined NBC News in May 2003. He was the recipient of the prestigious Edward R. Murrow award in 2006 for “Feature – Hard News” for his report on a Baghdad E.R. Click here to read Richard Engel's full bio.

Martin Fletcher, NBC News' Tel Aviv bureau chief and correspondent, has covered every event of consequence in the unpredictable Middle East region over the last thirty years - from the American hostage crisis in Iran in 1979 to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

He joined NBC News as a cameraman in August 1977, began his Tel Aviv assignment in 1982 and took on the additional role of bureau chief in November 1990. He has also been based in Johannesburg, Paris and Frankfurt and reported on events from the war in Afghanistan to the fall of the Berlin Wall to China in the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Click here to read Martin Fletcher’s full bio.

Carol Grisanti is an NBC News producer based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Charlene Gubash is an NBC News producer based in Cairo, Egypt.

Madeleine Haeringer is an NBC News producer based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Kiko Itasaka is an NBC News producer based out of London.

Lawahez Jabari is an NBC News producer based in Jerusalem.

Michelle Kosinski is an NBC News correspondent who covers a variety of international and national stories for NBC News. She reported from Pakistan on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, and in Europe has covered terrorist threats and attacks in London, Glasgow, and Germany. Click here to read Michelle Kosinski's full bio.

Susan Kroll is an NBC News producer based out of New York. 

Jim Maceda, in a career spanning more than 30 years, has covered over 100 countries and reported on many major conflicts, from the war in Rhodesia, to Lebanon, to Northern Ireland, to the wars in the former Yugoslavia, including the airstrikes in Serbia and Kosovo, to the conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has been based in London since 1999. Click here to read Jim Maceda's full bio.

Carla Marcus is an NBC News producer based in London.

Keith Miller is an NBC News Senior Foreign correspondent based in London. Over the last three decades he has traveled more than 600,000 miles covering events in more than 80 countries. 
Miller’s first assignment for NBC News was in London, from 1977 to 1978, where he served as a radio correspondent and foreign news editor covering Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Miller has since served as the NBC News Vatican correspondent, traveling with Pope John Paul II on 23 consecutive papal tours to five continents, and NBC News' Chief Asian correspondent, and has reported extensively from Africa – covering the famine and American military incursion in Somalia, the genocide in Rwanda, and the fall of the apartheid government in South Africa and the election of Nelson Mandela as president.Click here to read Keith Miller’s full bio.

Mary Murray is an NBC News Producer based in Havana, Cuba.

Adrienne Mong is an NBC New producer based in Beijing, China. 

Mark Potter is an NBC News correspondent based in Miami who in his more than 30-year journalism career has reported from all over the United States, as well as South America, Central America and the Caribbean, including Haiti and Cuba. He has also worked in NBC's London and Hong Kong Bureaus, and has reported from China, the South Pacific, the Philippines and Israel. Click here to read Mark Potter's full bio.

Kianne Sadeq is an NBC News producer based in Baghdad.

Kerry Sanders has been NBC News Miami-based correspondent since 1996, covering news mainly in the South and throughout Latin America. Sanders has also covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan extensively – including numerous embeds with the U.S. Marine Corps in Iraq. Click here to read Kerry Sanders' full bio.

Sohel Uddin is an NBC News producer based out of London.

Ian Williams is an NBC News correspondent based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Arata Yamamoto is an NBC News Producer based in Tokyo, Japan.