Abu Ghraib figure gets spot on recreation board

/ Source: The Associated Press

Lynndie England, one of the most recognizable figures of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal in Iraq, has a new role as a volunteer member of a local recreation board in the United States.

Roy Hardy, the England family's attorney, said England, 24, landed the unpaid position by contributing her knowledge of computers, electronics and graphics for a strawberry festival in Keyser.

"When (council members) saw how hard she worked for the festival, they didn't hesitate to put her on the board," said Hardy, who is also a board member.

England, who now works in Hardy's law firm as a legal assistant, was released in March from a military prison in San Diego, California, after serving half her 36-month sentence. She was convicted of six counts involving prisoner mistreatment.

England was in several images taken in late 2003 by U.S. guards at Abu Ghraib. One shows her holding a naked prisoner on a leash, while in others she posed with a pyramid of naked detainees and pointed at the genitals of a prisoner while a cigarette hung from the corner of her mouth.

The photos were among several that sparked outrage and severely damaged America's image in the Muslim world.