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New website evolves as news unfolds to deliver an unparalleled multimedia story telling experience

Delivering on its Fuller Spectrum of News promise, unveiled its new website which evolves in real-time to give consumers an unparalleled multimedia storytelling experience as news unfolds.  By pioneering a new publishing approach that fuels minute by minute, hourly and daily evolution, is

able to creatively shift layouts and rich media surrounding news content as it happens.  The new approach was developed with the consumer experience in mind while's industry-leading creative platform further empowers advertisers to break through clutter and reach a highly desirable target audience.

"'s consumers are news explorers," said Catherine Captain, vice president of marketing at  "They're highly educated, avid online professionals who enthusiastically seek out news, love discovery, and enjoy finding content that surprises and excites the imagination.  The evolution of gives them new reasons to visit every day. Our consumers are drawn to dynamic content, rich media and high-quality journalism.  That's what keeps them on longer and we're going to give them more of it, more often."

Unlike limited templates used by most news sites,'s new platform enables its editors and designers to create new layouts at break-neck speed to surround its compelling stories with a range of high quality video, photography, slide shows, graphics, audio and more.  Stories on the site will be presented on multimedia platforms that engage consumers on a deeper level, giving them more reasons to spend more time on the site.

The enhanced consumer appeal and new flexible design  provides advertisers with more unique opportunities to connect with 'news explorers'. 

" offers new and imaginative ways to promote products and even better access to the news explorer consumer," said Kyoo Kim, vice president of sales at  "In addition, our teams work closely with brands to create one-of-a-kind, high-impact advertising that engages consumers and immerses them in the essence of the brand."

Building off both its traditional and high-impact advertising offerings,'s flexible design opens the door for unique and groundbreaking ads that offer new and innovative ways to experience a brand.  There will also be more opportunities for advertisers to integrate brands with the content that surrounds ads, including slider and roll-over ads and customized graphics.

To experience a fuller spectrum of news, advertisers can log on to the new