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Microsoft unveils e-commerce tracking system

/ Source: The Associated Press

Microsoft Corp. unveiled new software today, heralding it as the most advanced method yet for measuring Web traffic and sales.

( is a joint venture of Microsoft and NBC Universal.)

The new system, called Engagement Mapping, measures all interactions a consumer makes with an e-commerce Web site prior to purchase. According to Microsoft, the system goes beyond current ad campaign reporting that only measures sales, leads and traffic.

Brian McAndrews, vice president of Microsoft's advertising and publisher division, said the conventional system for measuring traffic and sales for an online advertisement is outdated and flawed because it ignores all prior interactions a consumer has with a Web site.

Engagement Mapping, though not yet finalized, is being tested by national advertising agencies. Microsoft expects results from the market testing phrase by the end of the second calendar quarter.

Microsoft shares rose 52 cents to $28.21 in morning trading.