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Woman goes on stabbing spree in Japan

/ Source: The Associated Press

A Japanese woman went on a stabbing rampage at a crowded train station, wounding seven men after failing to slash her own wrist, police said Tuesday.

The woman attempted to cut her wrist with an army knife at a shopping mall Monday night near the train station in Hiratsuka, 43 miles southwest of Tokyo, but someone bumped into her and she became angry, said police official Hidetoshi Yukitake.

"She was screaming as she was slashing people at random," Yukitake said.

None of the seven men stabbed were seriously injured, he said.

The woman was arrested at the scene after being overpowered by onlookers.

"She said she was frustrated. She was also angry at her father," Yukitake said.

The stabbing was the latest in a spate of similar attacks in Japan.

Seven people were killed in Tokyo's Akihabara shopping district on June 8 when a man slammed a truck into a crowd of people, jumped out and began stabbing passers-by at random.