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The Nooz: 666 pays off for lottery players

/ Source: NBC News and

BALTIMORE — A number thought by many to be unlucky proved very lucky for thousands of Maryland Lottery players over the weekend.

As a result of Saturday’s Pick 3 drawing of 6-6-6, payout from the lottery more than tripled the amount wagered.

“When triples are drawn, we almost always pay out more than we brought in, which makes them very popular with our Pick 3 players,” Lottery Director Buddy Roogow said. “They’re less popular, however, with our accountants.”

The Lottery reported a payout of more than $1.6 million, with sales for the drawing at $458,953.

— WBAL, Baltimore

Motorcyclist hits hamburger
MANCHESTER, N.Y — A Manchester man was in a legal pickle after a hamburger he tossed from his car struck a motorcyclist driving in the other direction, sheriff’s deputies said.

The man, identified as Justin M. Cook, 18, threw the hamburger out the sun roof of his car as he headed down Route 21 on Wednesday night, deputies said. He was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment because pieces of the edible missile struck the headlight, handlebars and leg of the motorcyclist, Ontario County Sheriff’s Sgt. David Frasca said.

The victim was not named but can probably be identified by the ketchup smear.

— WHEC, Rochester, N.Y.

Man arrested for shooting lawnmower

MILWAUKEE — A Wisconsin man is in trouble with the law for shooting his lawnmower after it wouldn’t start.

Witnesses told police that Keith Walendowski, 56, of Milwaukee had been drinking before the shooting.

“Well, it seems strange, but he’s a strange guy,” neighbor Donna Kadow said.

Walendowski justified his lawnmower rage by telling police, “It’s my lawn mower and my yard, so I can shoot it if I want.”

But shooting the mower is a crime — disorderly conduct while armed — and the harsher penalty is for the gun itself. It’s illegal to have a sawed-off shotgun in the first place.

Neighbors said Walendowski was not a violent man.

“He would never hurt anybody. Just a lawnmower? Just a lawnmower, right. Otherwise, he has never hurt nobody,” Kadow said.

Walendowski could face six years in prison and an $11,000 fine if convicted.

— NBC News Channel

Thieves take off with church pulpit
SAN ANTONIO — Thieves broke into a San Antonio church and stole or damaged property worth thousands of dollars.

When Pastor Paul Bindiola went to see his sanctuary at San Antonio Restoration Church on Tuesday, everything on the stage was missing.

“We had two mikes for the singers. Our guitar was up there, our bass, and our bass amp was up there,” Bindiola said.

To make matters worse, the thieves even took the pulpit.

“I know it’s material things, but it’s a place of worship,” Bindiola said. “It’s a place where, especially like our ministry, we work with the drug addict, the alcoholic addict, and we do this for them.”

Bindiola said the congregation would continue to do God’s work at the church, which has been open for only three months.

“We’re experiencing God’s presence,” he said. “Every service that we’ve been having, I know the enemy is out there to discourage, and he will use anybody to discourage, especially a small church like us.”

As for the brick used to smash in the door...

“I’m going to use this as a steppingstone to our ministry’s next level,” Bindiola said. “This is just another brick that’s going to help us get to the next level.”

—WOAI, San Antonio