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'Take Two' video archive: 2009

December 27: Roundtable's predictions for 2010
December 20: Has Obama measured up for progressives?
December 6: Economist reporters on war, political reality

November 15: Gingrich, Sharpton on 9/11 trials, Palin
November 8: Brooks, Dionne on Obama's leadership
November 1: Plouffe shares impressions of Obama; Krakauer recounts the odyssey of Pat Tillman

October 25: Sorkin, Senor on Wall Street, economy
October 18: Panel on evolution of women's movement
October 11: Woodward on parallels of Afghanistan, Vietnam
October 4: Maddow, Murphy on media, 2012 elections

August 16: Maddow on politics, taking on big challenges
August 2:  Balz, Johnson on ’08 campaign

July 26: Clinton talks leadership, diplomacy
July 19: A look back at Cronkite on 'Meet the Press'

June 14: Murphy, Scarborough on Russert, GOP

May 31: Katty Kay on balancing family, career, Richard Wolffe on President Obama's White House run
May 17: Our roundtable discusses the controversy surrounding President Obama's speech at Notre Dame;  Richard Haass on Iraq: A war of necessity or a war of choice? Plus, viewers' questions
May 3: Scarborough, Gillespie on direction of GOP

April 26: Goodwin, Meacham on history, political leadership
April 19: Armey, Ford talks Cuba, Chavez
April 12:
Pair breaks down economy

March 29: McCain on Obama, future role
March 22: Brokaw, Burnett on economy, mediaMarch 15: Cantor talks partisanship, earmarks
March 8: Roundtable talks Geithner, economy
March 1: Roundtable talks economy, Obama

February 22: Crist talks Obama, GOP
February 15: What will stimulus plan do for middle-class?
February 8: Ricks on change in Iraq

January 25: Lasting inaugural impressions
January 11: Cosby on comedy, politics
January 4: What does Gaza mean for Obama?