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Hardball College Tour: John Edwards

2004 Democratic presidential candidate hopeful John Edwards joins Chris Matthews for the ‘Hardball College Tour’ at North Carolina Central University.

NICKNAMED THIS year’s “Clinton-esque” political personality, John Edwards has more than once been likened to the former president.’s William Saletan says that “Edwards has Clinton’s assets — youth, brains, good looks, Southern roots.”

He announced his intentions to run for president on NBC’s Today Show last Jan. 2, and described himself as a champion for regular people.

But as a freshman senator from North Carolina— not even seated for a full term, what makes Edwards think that he’s the best candidate?

“I come from a family where my dad worked in a mill. I was the first person to go to college,” he says. “For twenty years as a lawyer, I fought for those same people. They are the reason I ran for the United States Senate, to be a champion and a fighter for regular people. I think the American people desperately want somebody in the White House who will do that for them every single day. I think they want somebody who has vision and specific ideas about how to achieve that vision.”

But what sets Edwards apart from other Democrats in an already crowded field of candidates seeking the party’s nomination? What are his views on foreign policy, Roe V. Wade, affirmative action, Iraq, North Korea, and other hot issues of our day?

Chris Matthews goes one-on-one with the presidential hopeful on the ‘Hardball College Tour,’ February 6, Thursday, 9 p.m. ET.


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