Calif. robber confesses to priest, turns in cash

/ Source: The Associated Press

A man who robbed a San Francisco Bay Area bank apparently felt guilty enough to confess his sins and hand over $1,200, but not enough to turn himself in.

Police say a man went to a church Sunday night to confess that he robbed the Walnut Creek branch of the Patelco Credit Union last week. After expressing remorse, the man handed the priest $1,200 and left. The priest then called police.

Walnut Creek police Lt. Shelly James says authorities don't know the man's name or if the money he turned over was the entire amount lost in the robbery. The money will be returned to the bank.

Police say the man entered the credit union Thursday afternoon and gave a bank teller a note demanding money. He claimed he had a gun.

James says police are still looking for the robber and will arrest him when he's found.