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Flaming Christmas punch!

Flaming Christmas punch! - A holiday recipe more for seasoned professionals than seasonal amateurs

Flaming punch, adapted by Drink's Josey Packard from a recipe in Esquire's 1949 Handbook for Hosts.

But first, a note:

Hey, the fire part of this is no joke, don't screw around. This isn't one to try at home on a whim. Three fire safety experts standing by during the Rachel Maddow Show may have seemed like overkill but that doesn't mean a giant bowl of flaming liquid is anything to be taken lightly.

Take a look at the horror show that is the search result of "flaming shot" on YouTube if you don't believe it.

Alcohol fires get big fast.

And they aren't easily extinguished.

And those were just shots!

So here is the recipe you saw on the show, for your interest, if not necessarily for your practice.


Acquire a pyrex bowl or other heat-treated (or otherwise fire resistant bowl).
Stud 3 oranges with cloves.
Roast them for 20-30 minutes at 350 degrees, until softened.

Warm the alcohol for the punch (immerse a container of it in hot water).
Set the spices aside, for the pyrotechnics.
Also warm the diluting ingredients.
Have some sugar on-hand.

Spices for pyrotechnics:

Ground cinnamon
Ground allspice
Ground nutmeg


1 pint dark rum
1 pint brandy

Diluting ingredients:

Juice of 3 oranges
Juice of 2 lemons
Pint of apple cider
Pint of water

On-hand, for continued extinguishing:

Pint of apple cider
Pint of water


Pre-heat punch bowl with hot water from the tap.
Put roasted oranges in hot, newly emptied bowl.
Pour heated alcohol mixture over oranges.
Use a match to ignite alcohol. (Hey! Again, remember this guy? This step in the recipe is not for the casual amateur at home.)
Be aware at all times of how hot the bowl is by touching the outside of it frequently.
Toss pinches of the spices at the flame carefully.

Extinguish the flame by pouring the heated juice/cider mix over the punch.

If the punch doesn't completely extinguish, pour more cider or water over the mixture.