Motricity Announces mCore MobileCast, Delivering Relevancy, Real-time to a Wide Range of Smartphones

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BELLEVUE, Wash., Sept. 13, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Motricity (Nasdaq:MOTR), a leading provider of mobile Internet services today announced the launch of mCore MobileCast, a next generation content management solution that delivers real-time, consumer relevant content to a wide range of smartphones. This comprehensive offering is designed to give smartphone subscribers real-time, zero touch access to all the relevant content, applications, goods and services they care about most, directly to their "phonetop." For carriers and enterprises, MobileCast will drive brand awareness, promotions and commerce all through a user's personalized mobile experience.

"Smartphone users now have access to more content, applications, goods and services, than ever before but it's often difficult for them to find what's most important to them. We believe the challenge of discovery is one of the primary reasons mobile commerce has yet to become mainstream," said Ryan Wuerch, CEO and founder of Motricity. "MobileCast removes this complexity by leveraging consumer preferences and insights to bring consumers the content that's most relevant to them, right to their "phonetop," on a real-time basis."

MobileCast is the latest service module delivered as part of mCore, Motricity's hosted, Mobile-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform. It offers carriers and enterprises the ability to deliver a wide range of content types (HTML5, audio, video, text) to the most popular smartphone devices (Android, RIM, Windows 7 and Apple). It includes easy-to-use publishing tools that reduce the time to design and develop marketing campaigns, giving marketers greater control. MobileCast also makes it easier for marketers and advertisers to track their campaigns through a complete suite of reporting and insight generation tools, enabling results reporting and real-time adjustment and optimization of campaigns.

"mCore MobileCast is a solution that is designed to create increased value for consumers by improving the relevancy of the content they seek on their smartphone," said Tole Hart, senior analyst at Yankee Group. "It is also an opportunity for carriers to become more involved in the smartphone ecosystem and use their customer knowledge to increase the satisfaction of their mobile data subscribers."

Some examples of use-cases for MobileCast include:

  • Targeted Marketing – Delivery of relevant content to consumers on a real-time basis based on location, demographics and segmentation.
  • Retention Marketing – Ability to offer promotions to subscribers based on carrier services, customer lifecycle and device portfolio.
  • Mobile Commerce – Ability to drive transactions of digital and hard goods through mCore Marketplace.
  • Training, Tips & Tricks – Offering consumer education, recommendations and upgrade information about new devices, mobile apps, or accessories.
  • Dynamic Suggestion Engine – Leveraging consumer usage and preferences to provide unique recommendations, enhancing the discovery process.

Technical features and benefits of MobileCast include:

  • Real-Time Delivery – Enables a persistent communication channel and rich engagement with consumers by offering user-relevant communications and offers.
  • Message Priority, Queue and Delivery – Allows the marketer to design campaigns at a granular level, weighted by priority, display order and frequency. Communications can be grouped in delivery order to the device and can be scheduled based on date, time, location, etc.
  • Administration and Reporting Tools – Provides easy design and deployment of marketing campaigns through a single administration console, featuring pre-defined templates, list management and content management. Offers tracking of all running campaigns and make adjustments real-time based on subscriber response.
  • Multi-Media Content Delivery – Delivers embedded video and image content for compelling subscriber engagements.
  • Dynamic Program Event – Provides feeds to dynamically create messages to consumers. This offers the ability to automatically manage content refresh cycles and display engaging content without having to build individual events for each communication.
  • Personalized News Reader – Offers a series of categorized news feeds to provide compelling content that end-users can personalize. Users find value in the content they choose to show and engage more often with the widget.

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