Autonomous Sales Kiosk (ASK) from Integrated Media Group turns retail shoppers into buyers

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

WICHITA, Kan., Oct. 18, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Integrated Media Group has introduced a show-stopping technology for retailers everywhere -- a gesture-driven Autonomous Sales Kiosk (ASK) aimed at increasing retail sales while enhancing customer service.

ASK has a likeable "personality," asking questions to zero-in on customer product preferences, specifications, features and more -- leading them to a product that delivers what they want. She (or he) is a committed, loyal employee and product expert who never gets sick or misses work.

The autonomous sales kiosk is a product of  Integrated Media Group, which has contributed to 16 blockbuster motion pictures. IMG’s cinema-quality interface design is now available to retail, health care, museum, hospitality, entertainment and corporate customers, to name a few.

Red Leaf and ASK

" Red Leaf is working with IMG to create a customer delivery system so sophisticated that it will change the rules of engagement for in-store marketing," says Jason Opat, Integrated Media Group founder and owner.

"This allows retailers to improve the retail customer experience in a whole new way," he says, "and add value for their vendors by helping increase retail sales for targeted products," he says.

With integrated technology from Red Leaf, shoppers will be "directed" to the product shelf. It works like this:

  1. Strategic lighting is triggered by the shopper's interaction with ASK.
  2. The shopper arrives at the shelf and picks up the product.
  3. The ASK virtual assistant can re-appear on a small screen and continue the conversation.

"We wanted to deliver an entertaining experience that anyone can use -- whether they love technology or consider themselves tech-challenged," says Opat. "ASK delivers what customers need to make a purchase decision."

The ASK virtual assistant is so engaging, in fact, that nearby customers often gather to see what's happening.

Each customer action is memorized, providing rich data for retailers. For example:

  • What brands are searched most -- or least -- often
  • How product information searches compare with actual product sales
  • Which promotional messages are working best

This data can help retailers predict sales for certain products and brands, learn more about consumer preferences for product features, or use contests to build business. They might also measure customer satisfaction with their overall shopping experience.

About IMG

ASK (Autonomous Sales Kiosk) is a product of  Integrated Media Group, with headquarters in Wichita, Kan. IMG has contributed to 16 blockbuster feature films, including Transformers, Ironman, Get Smart, Eagle Eye and Spiderman 3.

IMG's specialty is the creation of high-tech interfaces that make sense to humans. Combined with a touchless interface and holographic-like screens, IMG's ASK provides a message delivery system that's impossible to ignore.

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