Announces a New Executive Interview With John Rossi, CEO of Garb Oil & Power Corp.

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DALLAS, Oct. 27, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- John Pentony, Publisher of, announced today that the web site has released a new executive interview featuring John Rossi, President and CEO of Garb Oil & Power Corporation (OTCBB:GARB) (OTCQB:GARB). In the interview Mr. Rossi discusses the Company's diverse range of equipment provided to the waste processing and recycling industries. Garb applies ClosedCycle™ technology and NoWaste™ residue principals. The Company develops processing plants for tire recycling, E-Waste and E-Scrap Recycling, Waste to Energy and Off the Road Tires (OTR).

Garb is actively involved in raising the money needed to establish its first four plants. Fund raising will be completed by the end of 2010, with the first plant anticipated to be delivered in 2011. Each Garb E-Waste plant can stand alone as a single economic unit in terms of revenue and profit. Revenue is generated by reselling the copper, the aluminum, the plastics and the metals. Garb expects its engineering division to drive sales in 2011.

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Garb Oil & Power Corporation is a company dedicated to the application of ClosedCycle™ technology and NoWaste™ residue. The Company's processing plants for tire recycling, E-Waste recycling and E-Scrap Recycling, Waste to Energy and OTR, are all developed with these principles in mind. Garb believes that processing waste should be economically viable and leave NoWaste™. It is our endeavor to build plants that continue to push the boundaries for the attainment of the ClosedCycle™ principle and a world with NoWaste™.

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