Estrakon Captures Business From China

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ANN ARBOR, Mich., Dec. 2, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Every day, newspapers, TV shows and radio newscasts portray a threatening picture of American business lost to China. But there's a company in this college town that's bringing business back in spades…and turning one industry into a stellar example of what creative American entrepreneurs can do.

"In the last month, I received five orders for the creation of a total of 2,053 signs," says Matt Shumate, CEO of Estrakon, Inc., "These were all companies that had previously been ordering LED displays from China. One client clapped her hands in joy after hearing that most steps of our process, from design to production, take place here in the States."

Estrakon's product line uses cutting-edge, green, edge-lit LED  technology to help major corporations grab attention for their products. Its LED signs contain no hazardous properties, boast energy usage 80% lower than traditional light sources and are so beautiful, they capture the attention of anyone who sees them. Whether it's at the brink of point-of-sale or strolling by a storefront nonchalantly, viewers exclaim again and again at the ingenuity, beauty and dynamism of Estrakon's displays. 

"So much hard work and investment of time, money and sweat is paying off," says Shumate. "We knew our product was unique; the rapid influx of orders now, for in-store fixtures and advertising, exhibits and trade shows, architectural décor and P-O-P signage, shows that customers are recognizing our unique value, too."

The company's proprietary technology produces multi-layer, high-resolution, animated, edge-lit LED displays, shipped within eight weeks of order. Using the highest-quality LEDs, Estrakon offers RGB color matching capabilities for extreme precision. Its displays are super-slim, bright, light-weight, durable and unique in the retail and exhibiting world.

Established in 2003, Estrakon has seen exponential growth in the past two years, as the company gained the ability to produce every step of its process in-house at its 5,000-square-foot facility here. The company expanded this fall, creating Estrakon Europe Ltd., and principals are working on partnerships in Asia as well.

A fully integrated professional 30-inch LED photographic printer/processor lab system allows the company to produce graphics for its signs and displays on-site. Just-in-time inventory translates to quick turnaround; at least 50% of its suppliers are Michigan-based.

Any company buying P-O-P signs in China will find that Estrakon's prices, quality and project completion are faster, better and more cost-effective than similar products manufactured abroad.

Estrakon has produced more than 35,000 signs to date. Year-end projections have Estrakon finishing 2010 with its highest production rate yet: more than 9,000 signs this year.

Company principals include Matt Shumate as CEO; Philip Ochtman as President; Hannan Lis as Chairman.

Customers include Madden Communications/MillerCoors, Pernod Ricard USA, Diageo US and UK, Heineken, Darko/Tire Kingdom/Big 'O' Tires, InnerWorkings, Trans World Marketing, Nestle Waters, Amerilab Technologies, Derse/Coca-Cola, Sherwin Williams, Ralph Lauren, ImageSeller, Brown Forman, Pepsi, BFG, RJ Reynolds and Motorola.

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For publication purposes, please include the following information: , (877) LED-LAMP.

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